Sunday, December 16, 2018

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: What this Means is, You Matter Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

What this Means is, You Matter!

It is important to bring you and who you are into your doing. It is important to infuse your truth into what you are doing in your endeavors. 
It is incumbent upon those who have moved into the depth and breadth of their heart space to love more freely, receive love more freely, and stand in the powerfulness of who you are that is based in love. 

It is not about opposition, resistance and protest.  Standing in opposition creates duality. As We have said many times before, it is about creating a new collective consciousness of community, harmony and equality and all inclusiveness. As you stand in your powerfulness, you stand for that in its power. If this is your truth you stand in the new collective consciousness. 

It begins by creating a new consciousness within you. Connecting with your truth, the essence of you, your full beingness and who you are so you can emerge in a more powerful way and a powerfulness of you so you can bring your beingness and your truth out in the world to create a new collective consciousness with like-minded individuals.  

When you look at what is transpiring out in the world, what is being mirrored back to you is duality.  It is a low, dense vibrational level of duality, opposition and the need to be right and create a fight to defend and hold the old in place. Many create a fight outside of themselves in order to remain in their comfort zone.  Duality is being perpetrated with the intention to divide. 

You can now look at balancing the feminine and the masculine energies.
This begins first by identifying both energies within you and defining them for yourself.  What is rising now is the assertive aspect of the masculine energy that is coinciding with aspects of the feminine. What you are seeing with the feminine energy in your world, is many connecting with their assertive masculine, moving out into the world and speaking their truth.  

It is important to understand the healthy principles of the masculine and feminine energies. The feminine energy is that of compassion and the masculine energy is that of assertiveness.  By balancing, you are combining the two to be assertive with your compassion.  You do this by speaking your truth and raising the resonance and vibration within you. It is not about opposing in protest of what is transpiring in the world because this keeps the fight alive and duality alive. It is about expressing your truth with love. 

By moving into the full beingess of who you are and opening your heart space to that by recognizing your truth and the essence of who you are, you then move out in the world with purpose.  As many are moving through this now and move into your year of 2019, you will move into greater parameters of who you are and will understand the importance of being who you are and why your talents, gifts and endeavors are important to bring to the world. 

All this means is, You Matter! 
As the full spiritual being you are, You Matter, your talents and gifts matter. You make a difference. Your talents and gifts make a difference. What you are doing with purpose makes a difference. All this is through the full beingness, the truth and the essence of who you are.  It is important to bring this out into the world instead of opposing and protesting what is transpiring in the world.  By seeing what is transpiring out in the world is awakening you to aspects of you that you have never known. What is happening in your world is simply a lightning rod to awaken you to a greater depth of your truth. 

It is time to move into being more assertive with love. Move now more assertively bringing love to the world.  Assert yourself to bring, community, harmony, equality, peace love and all inclusiveness to the world. Doing this by using your talents and gifts and your modalities and endeavors.   When you move to a greater depth of this high vibrational essence this will permeate out into your world.  

If you are opposing what is transpiring in the world, you will sustain its energy and keep it alive. By opposing you feed the energy that sustains it and keeps it alive. Opposition will sustain itself through opposition and protest. By opposing and protesting you will feed energy to it that will sustain it and keep it alive. 

We are not saying you can’t disagree with what is transpiring in your world. It is important to see if you are reacting to it by opposing it or responding to it by realizing it doesn’t resonate for you. It brings up feelings, quite possibly repressed and suppressed feelings. What is transpiring is an awakening to your truth. 
If what is transpiring in your world doesn’t resonate for you, ask why and move deeper within. This will lead you to your truth. 

Many are discovering their truth, the truth of equality, community, peace and love. The truth where duality does not exist and everyone is celebrated. 

What you are seeing in your world is an exaggeration of duality, oppression, fear, fight and hate. It is done purposefully in the grand scheme of the evolutionary process of your universe to see where you are within you in relationship to it.  

It is time to move into the assertive masculine and so you can assert compassion and love in the world. It is not about speaking about it, it is about doing. What are you doing out in the world that can affect one other most glorious soul through love and compassion? 

It is important to see where you continue to separate and isolate yourself in your life. Doing this is based in the lack of love of self. We have come to you to help you see through your love of self, that you can stand in your powerfulness and bring you to the world.  Through the lack of love of self many isolate and separate themselves and follow the herd.  Those following the herd through a deified mythical leader feel safe and secure. Your safety and security lie in the greatness and powerfulness of who you are. Seeking safety and security outside of you is a folly. Your safety and security is the full beingess of who you are. 

 It is time to share your message with the world. Do this through who you are.  
Stand now and rise to the all-inclusive and all encompassing powerful and greatness of who you are.     

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