Sunday, February 24, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Opening Passageways to a Brand New Life

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now opening to new aspects of your life.  You are moving into a vibration and resonance that is allowing to move more smoothly through transitions in your life. 

What many are releasing in their life is the need for drama and glamour. More so what many are releasing is the need to get a hit externally to their nervous system. That hit to satisfy the addiction that immediately raises your resonance and vibration. Many are moving through a transition from needing drama and glamor that titillates you.  

Many now are moving to a place of neutrality and in this process there is confusion transpiring in the physical body because of the old need for the constant hit to the nervous system to feel alive.  What is shifting for many on a deep cellular level in the nervous system is the need to be titillated, stimulated from outside of you. There is now a deeper movement from the outer to the inner, and many now are moving through this transition.  

January, February and March of 2019 is a period of transition.  Many are releasing the need for drama and stimulation from outside of themselves to feel alive.  Because of this, many are feeling a depth of aloneness, nothingness. Though you know you are fulfilled to an extent and not alone, you may be feeling a deep emptiness inside because you are releasing the need for drama, glamor, and stimulation from outside of you. And doing so, so the nervous system is titillated and you feel alive.  Many are releasing as well, old attachments related to this.  

As you move through this period of transition you are opening up passageways to a brand new life. A brand new life where you have released the need for outside stimulation to give your nervous system a hit so you can constantly feel alive as opposed to being alive. This is another step into beingness. And for many a deep core release. It is a release of an old addiction of needing to be stimulated from outside of you to feel alive. This is what is transpiring for many as the nervous system realigns itself into fulfillment, thus moving into a deeper sense of meaning, value and purpose of you. 

The reason why this transition is transpiring in the first three months of 2019 is because this just may a deeper process than you have ever move through. It is completely life altering.  It is the release of the need to look outside of you for stimulation, to feel alive. It is the release of the drama and glamor of the world outside of you and in relationships. As you move through this process you come to realize that there is no drama and thus the nervous system becomes confused and you lose a point of reference. 

Your point of reference has always been drama, glamor and stimulation from outside of you.  When the need arose for joy, many looked outside of themselves for that point of reference. That point of reference is diminishing for many and this is what causes the feelings of emptiness, aloneness.  Many are searching for what they call home perhaps.  Many are searching for the point of reference that makes them feel whole, worthy, good enough. The old point of reference, the old need for stimulation from outside of you, for drama, for glamor, is diminishing for many at a rapid pace. As this happens the feelings of emptiness and aloneness surface because there is now no point of reference.  Many are at this place in their life and now why partnership, sharing with others and creating a new collective consciousness of all inclusiveness is important so this can be your new reference point. 

Your new reference point may be a new wonderful and most glorious soul who can point all of this out to you so you can maintain and sustain yourself in the full beingness of who you are.  It is about creating new relationships in a collective consciousness that will allow you to sustain the transition into a new way of life and a new way of utilizing your gifts, talents and abilities.   

What is imperative at this moment in time is the transition period through the end of March. As you move through this transition period you will find that your needs will become more clearly defined on a soul level. It will be a more long lasting fulfillment of needs as opposed to your needs in the moment, which are important as well. Yet what will become clear are your long term needs that will be shifting as you move through this life altering process in this transition period. 

We stress that creating a new collective conscious, perhaps a new soul family is important because what is transpiring for many is a greater need for intimacy, and thus creating a partnership with another on a deeper level. 

For many what is transpiring is energetic blockages and memories of isolation and separation are surfacing and many are beginning to feel the suppressed and repressed feelings pertaining to this. If you set the intention that intimacy, and a greater depth of it is what you need in your life now, what has held you at bay in having that are the deep wounds that kept you in isolation and separation. What may also be surfacing are deep aspects of judgment and shame. What is being realized now are the repressed and suppressed feelings and the fear surrounding intimacy. This is beginning to shift now and for many a slow shift to creating more intimacy with others by opening your heart space to transparency and authenticity.  

Intimacy is needed in the new collective consciousness. As you open up your heart space to a greater depth of transparency and authenticity, in the beingness of who you are, you shed the deep, core layers of the mask you have created for yourself.  For many this becomes frightening, and thus you see another aspect of your point of reference. Your point of reference was isolation and separation. When intimacy approaches and feelings surrounding that surface, the old way of dealing with this was to isolate and separate yourself. As you fully become aware and conscious of this you are now realizing that this is no longer an answer or a viable choice. 
The new choice is intimacy, and creating relationships in a collective consciousness now that supports bringing your greatness to the world.  

What we are bringing you at this time is what may be transpiring for you as you move through this transition period through the month of March.   

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