Sunday, March 24, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeld by Jeff Fasano

 Clearing the Path 
to the 
Wonderful and Powerful You

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you now as you continue on this wonderful and most extraordinary journey into the depth of your heart.

We come to now to speak to you about clearing the pathway as you move towards what you say you want with intention and commitment. This pathway leads to the most extraordinary parts of you and it is now time to clear it by looking at all the wonderful aspects of you. It is time to take them out, place them on your mantle to look at them, adore them, see them, honor and value them, and hold them dear to you.

In the past we have asked you to look at the mirror to tell you where you are with “what is” in your life and as you do this, many continue to look at what you have labeled the “negative” aspects of yourself, and state, 
“When I look in the mirror I continually see the aspects of myself that I still need to work on, that I still need help with.”

It is now time to solidify your power and we suggest now that you begin to look at all of the wonderful and glorious aspects of yourself. Look for those in your life who mirror this now, not those who mirror aspects that you label not good enough or “negative” and think you still need to work on. See these as well but release making them your focus point. Many of you “get stuck”, so to speak, when you think you still need to work on this or that before you get to where you can see the wonderful aspects of you and your life. Many are focusing on what you have not done yet, what you still need to work on, and what is most challenging.
In doing this you are in effect negating all the wonderful aspects that are being mirrored back to you as well.

This represents another aspect of duality within you.
“I am either this or that.”
I am either working diligently on my challenges or I am seeing the wonderful and glorious aspects of myself but never shall the twain shall meet. 
Look now and see all the wonderful aspects of you, take them out as if they were trophies and put them on your mantle. Take out your polish and clean these trophies, the glorious aspects of you that you simply adore.

Or do you adore them?

As you see the challenges before you, your sole focus perhaps has been there and on nothing else. Look now at “what is” in your life already.
Write down your accomplishments. 
As you look at your challenges, you forget that what coincides with them are the greatest aspects of you that allow you to entertain these challenges and move through them. Look at how far you have come to reach this point in your life, and see that you have faced many your challenges. Pat yourself on the back because it is you who has done this. Take a step back from looking at your challenges and move within to pull out all the wonderful aspects of yourself. Look at them and cherish them because all of these glorious aspects of you, your talents and gifts, your assets and attributes may have been collecting dust over the a period of time.

Focusing on your challenges has been more important than being with yourself in the moment and acknowledging what is wonderful about you. It is time to pull out these aspects of you, clean them off, and wipe away the dust. Wipe away the dust that has accumulated on you and the light that shines in the depth of your heart, the radiatory light of you.

For many, the radiatory force of light within has become dull and clouded  because your main focus is on your challenges and the drama that surrounds them. This is all well and good in its time, but this message is about taking out the aspects of you, dusting them off and reconnecting to you.
Re-connecting to the wonderful-ness and the glorious-ness of you.
Re-connecting to the power within.
It is time to fully re-connect with you in silence.

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