Tuesday, September 10, 2019

September 11, 2019 : Time for Truth

                                  SEPTEMBER 11, 2019: TIME FOR TRUTH

On that clear, bright September day now -forever known as 911 I had been living in mid-town Manhattan for 35+ years. Having seen planes over Manhattan all those years I knew the planes we saw that faithful day were flying far too low. New York City is one of the few large cities that allows planes to fly overhead (Usually over the East and Hudson Rivers).

So, when the planes hit the Twin Towers that was weird #1. When the buildings began to fall after the planes hit that was weird #2. There was no way planes could cause those massive building to fall or allow planes to fly that low.

For all the souls who left this world that horrible day and their families and loved ones remaining, and all those killed and wounded in resulting war, let us affirm that the facts will soon come out revealing the truth of what exactly happened.  We are owed this!

The truth will set us free,

Phillip Collins

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