Sunday, October 13, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Advancing into Being Who You Are
Seeing Your Core Wound

When you look outside of you at what is transpiring in the world, does it drag you down? 
If you find yourself being dragged down, what are the attachments still in place to it that allow you to be dragged down?
What means do you have within you that will allow you to not be dragged down by what is transpiring in your world today? 

Can you see what is happening in the world outside of you, observe it, and see what is being triggered. It will trigger feelings. What are those feelings? Observe them, feel them, how does it make you feel?

You are moving though a period of advancement, it is advancement into being all that you truly are. Being peace, love, and equality, moving into being this. By moving into your beingness, you can demonstrate that you are in the powerfulness of you. If you are being peace, love, community and equality your resonance and vibration raises. There is not so much a need to say it, it is time to be it. 

If you are moving in an energetic society where it is all about energy. It is about how your energy resonates and vibrates within you. It is about feelings as well, it always is.  If you are predominantly peace, joy, love, harmony and equality, this is what your resonance and vibration will be. You are then being what you would like to tell others. Your advancement is from doing or saying into being. As you see what is transpiring in the world you can respond through your beingness. It is a time to move into the beingness of who you are. 

As you look outside of you at your governmental systems, your political systems, your corporate systems, many within those systems are simply being who they are. What you observe is seeing others being who they are and know no other way. They are being who they are based upon their wounds, the wounds that have not been addressed. It is the wound of the child and the child is running their life. It is what they have been taught and what they have learned. 

If you take a look back at your life, look to see where your wounds ran your life  and at times still may. The core wound has run your life for many years. Through your inner personal process, you allow yourself to open your heart to those wounds and begin to nurture the wounds of the child. You then begin a new practice of loving yourself. You begin, not so much to heal the wounds but to accept the wound. This is called responsibility.

In your personal process you release the extraneous energy that surrounds your heart space. This is the wounding, the conditioning and what you learned from mom and dad.  As you release the layers of wounding from around your heart space, you release the chaos in your life. 

The reason why We ask you to look outside of yourself is to look at your attachments to the world outside.  You then can look within to see the old in your life, the old behaviors and your relationships that no longer resonate and vibrate with you. You can see what you need to release. Doing so will simplify your life and streamline it with a focus on moving forward and toward an advancement of you, your modalities, and endeavors that serve the world in the beingness of you.  

You can call your inner process a process of simplification. Releasing that which no longer serves you. 

The tentacles of the world outside of you come at you, they are what you are attached to. There is an old ideology that says, what is transpiring in the world outside of you directly affects your life. Based upon conditioning and their attachments many think this. 

When you see something outside of you that does not resonate for you it triggers an aspect of you and your wounding. If you are aware and conscious, you can see this. And when you do, it then moves you into your truth. For example, you see inequality in the world and it triggers you, perhaps a wound where there is or has been inequality in your life. You may also see those outside of you who you have deified. To the wounded child, it is mom and dad who the child deifies, simply to keep them alive.  If you understand this premise, and look at what is transpiring in your governmental system, many, based upon the wound of child, will look at this and say this will keep me alive. Thus, many can be manipulated by those outside of you. They are manipulating the wounded child into thinking this. In many ways what is transpiring outside of you is the manipulation of the wounded child.  It is the wound that says, mom and dad will keep me alive. This is what the child only knows. They deify mom and dad and look at mom and dad to keep them alive. Thus in their adult life, deify those outside of them based upon this wound. 

This is why it is important to move within in a committed personal process to make yourself aware of this. Connect to the wounded child and begin to re-parent that child and consciously know your wounds. This moves you into a greater sense of self, loving, honoring and valuing you so you can begin the process of individuating from mom and dad.  

All of this can be transferred onto relationships you are having and move them into codependency. Each individual seeing that the only way that they will be alive is based upon the codependence in the relationship. You become dependent upon the other to keep you alive. 

It is important to wake up to the wounds of the child so you can take responsibility for you. 

What you see in someone outside of you is simply a reflection for what may be transpiring within you. 

A way to simplify your life is to release that and who no longer serves you.

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