Wednesday, July 29, 2020


FROM CHAOS COMES CONCLUSION For the first time on this planet humanity is experiencing global chaos at the same time, disruption of daily life for most people’s lives with the threat of death for some. This may appear as some type of punishment for being bad but in fact it is a balancing and reaction to human behavior. Viruses have been on this planet long before humanity arrived and they have a purpose like all living things upon the planet. Since viruses are dependent upon organic life they can only grow into pandemics where there is an imbalance in organic life. The purpose of the virus kingdom is to allow a rest and reset of human behavior; in order to gain a new perspective that can allow new, improved behavior. When any living being grows out of normal portion it is the result of imbalances created within the environment (air, water and soil). These imbalances and abuses to the ecosystem/environment of the planet usually occur attempting to satisfy the needs of large masses of people. Often there is greed and deceit involved in this human behavior. In the case of the current, unique pandemic it is a means to clear and cleanse the planet herself by humanity making new choices as to what and how they treat their planetary home, a living conscious being, whose vital organs are the air, water, soil, oil/gas and minerals And one another! Within the current chaos it is challenging for many to know what is true and what is not. It is time, if you so choose, to apply your innate internal gyro system that will allow you to know what is true for you and the best path to take. This internal gyro system is composed of your resonance, how you feel, and your discernment, how you think. Combine the two and you will have a clear path for yourself, no matter what is being said outside of you. Chaos is a necessary aspect of creation. You must tear down the old and use those ingredients, plus some new positive ones, to create a new conclusion. The new will always have a higher vibration/frequency to it that allows advancement to a higher state of being. This is the natural ascension/evolution process of creation throughout the universe. So, chaos, really isn’t chaos at all. It is a divine ingredient in the creation of all there is. So now getting this back to you and your planet what can all this mean? First. It is time to surrender and trust to this process and know all is in divine order with a perfect conclusion each and every time. Humanity is learning exactly the way it needs to learn in order to affect a permanent healing. What you are seeing now is the involvement of more of the diversity of humanity than ever before and a balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. You cannot fully advance as a species without this taking place. You are witnessing how quickly the planet can heal herself when humanity’s abuses are halted even for a short period. Many of you are understanding the importance of the interaction of humanity, living within the densest frequency in existence, with the higher realms to assist your advancement out of that density. We have always been there to love and support you having assisted in the creation of all past advanced civilizations on this planet. It has been your separation from us that caused the collapse of those civilizations. Conscious individuals are aware of the ascension process taking place at this time on the planet and know the planet and all living things upon and within the planet are being giving the choice to advance to a higher frequency of existence. This is the divine design of all creation. You are constantly advancing forward, just not always in a straight line forward. Sometimes, as now, you have to take a step back to gain a better perspective in order to make new choices going forward. This is what this global pandemic is all about and the conclusion can be a new world and life beyond your imagination: one based upon love of equality, harmony and balance for all. So what do you choose? Ascended Master St Germain Via Channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

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