Wednesday, September 2, 2020


TO CREATE A NEW EVOLUTIONARY PATH OF ONENESS. For centuries, St Germain says, “mankind has been relentlessly bombarded by the shadow side” to make us feel powerless and fearful in order to control us. President Trump has fed into that weakness proclaiming, “Only I can make America great again.” Instead of greatness, we are experiencing conflict and chaos. America’s “greatness”, St Germain reminds, springs from our divine mission to bring equality, harmony and balance to the world—to be the light of the world. Right now, he tells us, we are getting lots of help to fulfill this mission. High vibration energies are flooding humanity, activating our spiritual DNA and raising our consciousness to create a web of unity consciousness--coinciding with our November elections. See the synchronicity, he asks? The chaos we are experiencing, St Germain teaches, is an essential part of the cosmic clearing to create something new. “Who among you, through your free choice and will, will arise and be in the now of this new evolutionary pathway of oneness?” AUDIO COMING SOON…

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