Sunday, October 3, 2021



                                                        MISSION OF THE ARTS

In order for the arts (being an expression of our souls) to further participate in the regeneration of humanity they need to further draw their inspiration from natural, universal and spiritual archetypes which includes that the artist themselves are 'ascending' toward these archetypes in their creations, rather than 'descending' toward the most common, densest stereotypes of humanity. 


These archetypes reflect the laws that created the Universe and we within it, maintaining and sustaining it all the time.  It behooves us to aquatint ourselves with these laws and master them as soon as possible. A hint: these laws are based upon Universal love allowing equality, harmony and balance in all aspects of life.  These laws support us in bringing our talents and gifts out into the world supporting the ascension process of our planetary home and ourselves. 


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