Friday, March 4, 2022



                                            TIME FOR HIGHER REALM’S SUPPORT

 Universal truth: Humans cannot control what they did not create.

Russia is trying to control a nation and people they did not create.

Higher Realm’s cannot intervene in the free will and choice of humanity unless it threatens the survival of the planet. The Russians have attacked a nuclear plant in Ukraine that could threaten the planet and all people in this world.

I call upon all nations of the world to unite against a mad dictator who is trying to control what he did not create and establish a global regime of no humans’ rights for anyone.  I call upon the Galactic Federation to send in your fleet of cosmic vehicles to stop the destruction of a nation with one of the most powerful nuclear plants in Europe and save  the freedom of choice for its citizens.

Phillip E. Collins

Co-founder The Angel News Network

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