Thursday, April 4, 2013


Each week Phillip Collins, my colleague at the Angel News Network (ANN),  and I meet for a teaching and conversation with a spiritual entity from the higher dimensions. Phillip channels the spiritual entity and I ask questions after the opening teaching. We never know who will show up. Last week we were visited by St. Germaine and The Great White Brotherhood.

I first asked for an explanation of what The Great White Brotherhood is. This was the response: 

"The Great White Brotherhood is a force that supports the Christ consciousness as many other entities do.  It is a force that has been housed in many sacred temples and vortices known as the United States.  It works directly with the Ascended Masterships that are in service to humanity to allow you to move into your divine blueprint of ascension, immortality and service to source."

I then asked St. Germaine to explain how he has served mankind generally and the United States specifically. Here is his response: 

"The embodiments of we, St. Germaine, have been throughout your history to enlighten you, often not on particularly receptive ears of those in control or power. We who love you unconditionally, we who inspired your United States, we who inspired freedom, we who inspired the Statue of Liberty and unity and union to source and the concept of a more perfect union and the United States of that union are a dear, dear reflection of the energy, the mission, the task, if you will, of the energies of beloved St Germaine.

We were instrumental in inspiring the individuals who laid down  your Constitution and your Bill of Rights, to reflect universal law, to reflect a blueprint for this final Golden Age and to inspire the forefathers of this country to understand the task at hand. Needless to say, the ideals of these documents, of these words that have been brought from higher frequencies to humanity, have not been fully realized. They have been partially realized, but it is your destiny for them to be fully realized and incorporated in this country you call the United States and allow that truth and resonance to ricochet throughout your world."

JOEL: We seem to be redefining what freedom and equality really mean. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently in the process of deciding if homosexuals can have the same rights to marry as heterosexuals. 

SG: Dear ones, the monsters of humanity are doubt, fear and ignorance. They have interrupted you throughout millennium and your true path. We ask you to have no doubt, to have no fear, to know that your thoughts and your emotions accumulate in your atmosphere collectively, influence your entire world. It is time to know and trust and to surrender to what is being given to you from the higher realms at this time, dear one.

JOEL: I have been so inspired by you since I learned that you played such a pivotal role in establishing the founding principles of our country. Of course the equality of all mankind is central to it. What would you say to the Supreme Court about marriage equality?

SG: The diversity of all of God’s beings, of all of Source’s beings, must maintain and sustain equality, harmony and balance or humanity cannot go forward.  There can be no aspect of humanity through your evolutionary path that can be subjugated. The foundation of all of that is the masculine and the feminine that radiates out in all of your prejudices, in all of your eons of separation and duality, whether it be sexual preference, religion, gender, too big, too small, too dark, too light, too this, too that. The too shall end, dear ones.

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