Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last week I had a conversation with Adama, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, and Sananda who were channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, author of Coming Home to Lemuria and Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages. An audio recording of the entire conversation will be available next week on our Website: The Angel News Network

These divine beings opened our conversation with the following teaching, which describes the role that the United States will play in the development of what they describe as the seventh and last golden age of planet Earth.

"The energetic vortex that you call the United States was and continues to be the Garden of Eden, which is being reactivated at this particular time in a process that you know as Ascension--Ascension of yourselves from inside out in concert with the Ascension of your planet. For both of you to return to the beings, the eternal beings, the immortal beings of the light, dear ones.

Oh what an extraordinary journey this has been. So what is the meaning, value and purpose of this United Union of States called America? What does the word, union, mean?  What does the word, united, mean, dear ones? It means a connection of your divine selves with source, with your creator.

It is not the United States. It is the united divinity of you in combination with the source that maintains and sustains and creates you. So what is happening now is a reactivation, a rebooting, a new downloading through various portals and vortices within your continental United States to assist humanity in clearing and cleansing your duality, your separation, your confrontations and your wars and allow through the resonance of this to allow the entire planet to go into this final golden age. That is your destiny.

This was most recently reflected in the forefather’s documents which founded the United States of America. We--Adama, Michael, St. Germaine, Sananda and others--gathered in concert to inspire your forefathers with your documents, your Bill of Rights, your Constitution, these wonderful papers, and to give individuals such as George Washington the inspiration to know the destiny of this particular country called America.

So how exactly will this take place? It will take place through a clearing and cleansing of the selfish consciousness of humanity that has kept you in separation and limitation to allow you to go into a constructive endeavor of self that will be reflected to the entire world.

Once you maintain and sustain through this healing process of self--which we of the Archangelic realm have taught you for many, many eons now of moving from the mental body to the heart space--once the individuated self moves from the harmful self to a constructive self, we of the 5th dimensional realms will be forthrightly available to you to assist in this endeavor of Ascension. This is what is taking place at this time. This is why there are so many tools and teachings coming through to humanity through various 5th dimensional sources.

So it is a great time to move from your limitations, your separations, your lack, into an immortal state of being that allows you to stay permanently connected with us in a final golden age, which will prevent the death and destruction of this age as has happened in the six previous golden ages before. It is a divine moment in your history where you will become telepathic, and the mistruths and the deceits that are taking place in your communication systems and with one another will no longer take place, and truth will reign supreme.

You will also be gifted, once this connection is complete, with free energy sources that will change the structure of your financials and your relationship with self so that a small percentage of you are not controlling the vast majority of you, and you will no longer be giving your power away. Right now, as you know, within your governments, your corporations and your religious organizations, there is much untruth and deceptions taking place, which will be cleared with your direct connection to source, dear ones.

You all chose to be here for this distillation, for this creation, of your final golden age to move into a process of Ascension, to go into a mortal state of being, to truly begin your true service to source. We ask you, as we join our energies, to accept with compassion and begin the process you’ve had to go through for the various reasons you’ve had to go through them to know that the end time has come.

It is a time for the healing of the self in order to move into a oneness with all, in order to have a connection with source and to allow the Archangelic realms, the star realms that seeded your planet, the inner Earth realms that were once upon the surface of your planet, for all to work in concert to assist you by your merely asking us in a constructive format, a format that does not include harm of others, dear ones.

So, oh what a marvelous, divine moment this is for humanity! We ask you, no matter how things appear outside--as there are final clearings and cleansings of your third dimensional frequencies of past and present lives as well--we ask you to be aware of and not to doubt this process. For one iota of doubt can interrupt the process within yourselves, dear ones. Accept and know within your hearts that the time has come now."

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