Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Message From The Two Marys by Phillip Elton Collins


Beloved Children of our collective Receptive and Assertive Mother Energies of whom you call Mary, meaning enlightened feminine energy appearing within every spiritual truth upon your planet, we come to you at this time with a message of motherly love, authenticity and transparency and support.  Call us whatever Proper  Name that resonates within your Heart. You know who we are, Dear Children.

During these necessary and sacred times of planetary and humanity ascension processes many are currently ‘connecting’ with ‘higher realms’ through an astral projection via fourth dimensional frequencies. There is wisdom there but it is veiled with the wounds of the illusion of the third dimension. Most importantly the process we describe reflects the ‘filter’ of the receiver. So we ask you to use your discernment and resonance, and the guardianship of your Mothers. As we fill our hearts with compassion and forgiveness for whose of whom we speak… please know It is simply their way and your way to learn and for all of you to eventually arrive at the same destination of Oneness by seeing the mirror, Dear Children. True wisdom, free of humanity’s hand, comes purely from fifth dimensional connection and beyond. This is where we truly reside.

It is essential not to  use connections with us as a device against or towards another. We rarely respond through specific individuated soul plans, rather we speak to humanity as a collective whole. Thus proper names and specific forecasts are reflections of the receiver’s filter and can violate your freedom of choice and will.

This is a grand and momentous moment for you have all chosen to be here at the most crucial event in your history…to permanently return to your connection to ALL THERE IS and fall into Full Service to the God within each of you through the Creation of The Golden Age of Gaia. There are many unseen and seen events assisting this process…balancing of energies, emotions, thoughts, further opening of portals, ancient truths and wisdom revealed and most importantly the opening of your divine hearts through cosmic love. You cannot do it alone. It will come through your returned connection to we who maintain and sustain you, and the forces that created us all. We shall consume all that is not constructive and destroy any destructive intention like a mother protecting her child.  What you are experiencing is the death spiral of your altered ego that has kept you in duality and separation far too long. Have compassion for how you have chosen to learn, the completion of your learning is upon you.
Call upon us, We are Unconditional Love Through The Motherhood of ALL.

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