Thursday, May 2, 2013


We are sick to death of the destruction apparently wrought by those who are so committed to their "cause" that they feel justified in killing and maiming innocent people.

Many of us believe efforts to allow unrestricted  access to weapons of violence such as assault weapons represents another dangerous example of misguided thinking.

I asked The Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener, for their perspective on these and other subjects related to violence in our world. Here is their response:

M: The perspective we have is this. It is not going to go away very quickly. The next two years will be full of these types of episodic flare-ups and intense and quite obvious exercising the illusion, and more is coming.

From that perspective all we can tell you is, it is no different than when we walked on the Earth. The circumstances are exactly the same. It is Power versus Force. It is different force mongers who have what you call in your world, power, what we call force, but the force mongers manipulating and jockeying for position.

So the question that is interesting becomes, what does one do with all that while one is becoming more spiritually connected? Two things come up for us from our entwined frequency.

Number one: Continue to hold in your heart space every aspect of that. Continue to give it love, give it compassion, give it patience.

Beloved Joel, you spoke of yourself earlier and confessed that you had not been patient with yourself in the past. These individuals are not being patient with themselves. They have no capacity for that. So now as you look back on your own self and do a little historical review, you can start to see how awesome it is to have this patience with yourself. What an enormous gift it is and how that gift continues to give to you, more and more of the time, the possibilities that being patient with yourself create.

So number one, it is critical to have compassion for these individuals, many of which you don’t know. You have no names or faces. That is OK. With your intention simply send them compassion and patience, that you understand that they are in their addiction and it is running their life. They are hopelessly addicted. So have compassion and patience.

Number two, as we spoke earlier, truly, really minimize your contact with that world.  When we spoke, when other fifth dimensional entities speak, of creating the new world, we mean literally creating a new world.

So how is that going to happen? It is not going to happen by being solid in the new world you are creating, but then running over there to that world and jumping in to the abyss of glamour and drama as if that’s real and bothering yourself with it. And then saying, OK, that’s enough of that. I’m going to go back to creating my new world.

No, literally what all the fifth dimensional entities speak about is the very same thing. It must ultimately occupy 100% of you where you are in the new world. So you read the news article on the Internet, and you stop and bless the illusion. Bless the illusion. Bless it. It is the illusion. It is not your real world.

As you spend more time with this group of people that’s forming, that’s starting to oscillate and orbit around you and this channel, as you spend more time/space continuum in those dialogues,  those conversations, you’re going to realize that that’s what they do. 

Even if they’re not conscious of it, that’s what they do. They spend the vast majority of their energy in their world that is fruitful and is of service and gives back far more to them than they give to it. That is how you create the new world. But one cannot create the new world if one is flirting with illusion. It has to be an unequivocal choice over and over and over.

So our teachings will become more profound as you go. You will never learn anything actually new. You have already learned enough, but the application of what you learned will become very profound, very profound. You will literally watch situations, people, places and things disappear and fall away as they no longer resonate with your new world.

Indeed, even your monetary system is destined to fall away as the new world emerges more and more.

J: Before we close I want to bring up that young 19 year old participated in that horrible bombing attack in Boston. 

When they were looking for him I was imagining the terror and pain that that youngster was experiencing as a result of that horrible situation he apparently had created with his brother.

It's not parallel I realize, but it reminded me a little of the agony that Judas must have experienced when he did what he did, the role he had to play.

M: Indeed, well said. Indeed, to be that lightening rod, to actually say, yes, I’m going to do the thing that everyone is going to judge and I am going to do it well. That is the lightening rod, is it not? So yes these absolutely gorgeous souls that literally get so entrapped in the illusion and only at the very end can they see what they have done. So this young soul—and it is a very young soul, indeedwill have to come back many, many times.

J: If he were here, what would the mother say to this young man?

M: Simply this, Ask your father/mother God to forgive you for your sin, literally defining sin as "missing the mark." They used their passion, which is not sinful per seto be truly convinced of something and to align with it fully is not a sin—but they missed the mark, did they not? It was not about love; it was about force. So humbly ask for forgiveness. Forgive yourself, beloved. Forgive yourself when all you really wanted was love. That is what we would say.

J: This morning I saw a picture of a young female victim of the Boston bombing looking at a bandaged stump of her leg. It was so painful to see her looking at her missing ankle and foot.

M: Indeed, and from our perspective that pales in comparison to the number of children maimed by wars and those mines that detonate randomly that blow people apart. In America, because of the media, and the attention and the need to know and the addiction, people focus on these things. But these are acts that are happening 24/7 on your planet that nobody is talking about other than that very small community. And so it is in America that these small things go on a global stage and take front and center, and that can serve great purpose. So it is not a judgment or criticism. We simply wish to remind you both that, as much as you care about that individual, to keep it in perspective that there is obliteration happening 24/7 on your planet.

J: I'm reminded of the  military drones we’re unleashing on a number of different countries to supposedly kill terrorists but they are killing unknown numbers of civilian men, women and children.

M: Indeed, a giant cleansing and purging of humans off the planet, all through force and manipulation. Ultimately, of course, those in charge of this will have their day of reckoning.

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