Thursday, November 28, 2013

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Uriel Message #23 Self-Empowerment for Thanksgiving!

Phillip Elton Collins 
Conscious Channel and Author 

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel 
Photographer and Author of Journey of the Awakened Heart 

Chapter XXXVII

To call higher beings
Let us first think upon them, and in our mind’s eye,
Let our seeing become their being.
The higher being
Gives of itself unconditionally,
In all conditions, unceasingly.

via Trance Channel Jeff Fasano

Uriel Message #23: Self-Empowerment

Greetings from on high. This is the day of our creator, a day of Thanksgiving and receiving.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to remind you who you are and why you are here. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Know this truth, and this truth will set you free, free from the imprisonment of the self. You have all been imprisoned long enough. It is now time to break out. Set yourself free from yourself and thus others who have kept you in their control far too long. 

Many of you have given your power away to those very willing to take control of your thoughts and lives. That time has come to an end. The few will no longer control the many. The powerful will no longer control the weak, the rich the poor, if you choose not. 

Only through love of self can you prevent others from not loving you. It is time to heal the inner wounded child in each of you and thus humanity at large. The strength to do this is coming from above and below, below deep in the core of your Earth and above from the angelic realm and your creator. Mankind is being given a choice now like never before to choose love of self in order to achieve love of others. You are all here merely to learn to love, dear ones. And it must begin with the individual. The God Power of one, dear ones. That oneness will heal your entire world if you let it.

Only you can prevent it, no other truly has that power over you; you have simply given that power away to others. It is time to stop that, to stop the further destruction of you and your world, dear ones. Simply chose love. Start with self-love. Archangels Gabriel and Michael have set forth many tools to allow the investigation of the self. It is now time for those tools to go firmly out into your world. Teacher souls are being prepared each and every day. Babies are being born fully equipped for this task, the task of saving you from yourselves. You have a freedom of choice, you know, dear ones. We can only do so much. And we are doing a lot. More events are taking place in your world than ever before to assist you in your abilities to survive yourselves, transcend yourselves, and find yourselves and your place in your world—a place of world service, beginning with you…through you into the “we” from the “me.”

Each of you has been given a unique contribution to make, if you choose it. The universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you, dear ones. There's a reason each of you is here. You are God Power experiencing itself, the body, emotions, and thoughts of God expressing itself. God fully knows itself through each of you. Know this truth. And you will be free of all the shame that has been passed down upon you throughout the ages. It is time for this shame of self to stop. It no longer serves any purpose. The shame was created so you could find/discover your greatness by knowing smallness. Shame is the other side of God—the dark Man Power side. And we must know the darkness to know the light.

The light is coming into your world like never before. Allow it to enter your heart spaces. Many of your star systems, along with the feminine energies are assisting you now to balance the dominant male power. The male must come to know the feminine within it. As the feminine comes to know the maleness within herself. You see this in your aging process as human. Men become more feminine as they age and women more masculine. These are all aspects of the same thing, male = female, dark = light, solution = problem, shame = love. They are all here to show you your true self: a spiritual being, once again, having a human experience.

It is time to know, to remember, why you are here, where you came from, and where you return to when you leave the physical. You are merely remembering that now. Love is the glue that holds everything together. You fall apart and lose your way without it. The foundation is the self-love. That is what is absent in your world now. Love of self. People are crying to be heard, to be loved, to be accepted just the way they are, not the way someone judges them to be. There is little of the foundation of the self in your world, dear ones.

The divine plan of your planet is through all the diversity to find the unity, the oneness, the non-separation from self and others.

Archangel Gabriel has explained your twelve star systems that seeded your planet. This diversity has created many nations, languages, religions, and gender issues that have kept you in separation. It is now time to stop that separation and remember the truth of the commitment each of you made in coming here…through all the diversity to find, to celebrate the diversity, knowing it’s all from the same source. Many of you have heard this many times before and have chosen to do nothing. It's time to step up to the plate, speak your truth, and set yourself and your world free from itself, dear ones.

We have assisted you in creating cyberspace, which can break down old patterns of control and allow new thoughts to come forward. It is accessible to many, overriding the few who seek to continue to control you in separation. This epoch is coming to a close. You can choose or not to be a portion of humanity to move your species forward in its greatness, to allow your planet's unique divine plan to shift the entire universe further into the light of consciousness. Will you accept the challenge, dear ones? Become the part of humanity that stays in human form and begins the shift today (in you).

You Are the Light, Uriel.

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