Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Truth

A Message from Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by Robert Baker

Over the years Joel Dennis Anastasi has connected with Archangel Gabriel through our beloved and departed Robert Baker. Joel published his book The Second Coming based on his conversations with Gabriel. On November 29th 2012 Joel connected with Gabriel and this is an excerpt from that conversation. 

Truth: I Consciousness to We Consciousness to Unity 

What you have been doing in this last 2000 year cycle is you have been developing the supremacy of the I consciousness, learning to individuate as species, as individual expressions of communities and groups and religions and governments, etc.

In the past couple of hundred years you have been developing the consciousness of the individual personality, the individual persona and the importance of that. But it has been without the conscious guidance of the true individuality of the soul. It has been done through a survival consciousness of an ego self still surviving in separation. Because when the ego governs the personality it interprets individuality as a fight for separation. So I must fight for my separation in order to be individual. So, therefore, I am constantly in defense to prove that I am an individual. I must oppose all the other individuals to maintain my supremacy of being seen as an individual.

Then in order to get a false sense of feeling that I am a part of a group and a false sense of unity, I develop something called herd consciousness.  Individuals that hold certain belief systems develop a herd like a religion or a political system or a community or a country or an ethnic group. So that gives me a false sense of community. But all of it is done from the perspective of the lower ego. So there really is no true community there. There's simply more group separation. This herd opposing this herd opposing this herd opposing this herd.

Never has herd consciousness been more in place and indemnified than it is at this time.  The herding of the people and the control of the masses through that herding, in the ways that your control through your news programs, your TV, your collective consciousness of your governments, and your religions, etc., etc.

When you don't have a sense of unity then you have to substitute a replacement for that which is a fitting in. Fitting in is a false sense of connectiveness and unity. In order to fit in, I have to then sacrifice the truth of who I am to fit into that herd. Then we who are fitting into this group seek to make others believe we are the ones that you want to fit into. We are exclusive. So you are just creating more separation.

When true unity begins to penetrate, it is extremely frightening to the herd consciousness because it is the opposite of that view of fitting in, which is separation. The first thing that you will experience is the extremes of everyone and everywhere experiencing the extremes of how separate they feel, how alone they feel. And how alone and separate they feel when the inner starts to penetrate the outer because as that happens you become disillusioned with your attachments to your outer environment as the place that you sought to belong to, to feel connected to, to feel a sense of self and worth and identity.

As that disillusionment takes place you are left in a place of inner emptiness and that is a very frightening place to be. That is what we often refer to as the dark night of the soul. It's the place where the absence of the true self is met face to face for the first time, where the truth comes out. And you begin to see that the self that you have been identifying with has been a frozen identity of separation that has always been dependent upon how I fit in to an environment of collective consciousness. And how I've been doing that is a substitute for the fact that I've never really connected to know myself as the inner source. I've never known how to connect with myself as the inner source, which is the soul.

So this disillusionment that is taking place at this time is simply the break down of separation that comes about when the discharge of the multi-dimensional awareness begins to penetrate the third dimension as penetrated separation.

So it comes first in viewing it as a loss of self, but all you're losing is the false self. All you're losing is your fight for separation. Then you start to feel as though you're dissolving into nothingness because you haven't really developed an individual sense of self. So if I unify with the whole and I have no identity left, then who am I? Because my point of reference has always been to have an identity through how I defend my separation. So you see the paradox or irony there. So that struggle will go on for awhile. As this multi-dimensional consciousness begins to penetrate, depending upon the level of conscious awareness and soul development that any particular person is at as this phenomenon begins to take place will determine how much and what kind of experience each individual will have of the soul awakening.

It will not be the same for everyone because it depends upon your capacity for awareness. Everybody's body or physical being will be raising its vibration. But it will only raise the vibration according to the capacity of the level of soul development that that particular body is able to contain, a certain capacity for light, for consciousness. That does not make any one experience better or worse than another. It simply allows the maintenance of all of the stages of evolution to exist simultaneously, to co-exist.

So you get to see all that God in the creative force is made up with as a creative process, all in multi-dimensional awareness because as multi-dimensionality penetrates, you'll be able to perceive the interconnectedness of all of it. Do you see?

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