Wednesday, March 5, 2014



With Archangel Gabriel & Adama, The Father of Humanity
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children of Ascension,
It is your divine destiny to evolve beyond the vibrational existence of which you find yourself at this time. It is your soul plan to join the higher realm frequencies from whence you came and who maintain and sustain you at present; creating a new world paradigm of equality, harmony and balance.  Please know within your hearts dear ones, we of the higher realms have a great deal of gratitude for the choices you have made to support the evolution of your planet, solar system and galaxy; to become the master teachers of other worlds. We know it has not always been an easy path in the past and present, but wish to assure you that no matter how your present may appear, there is a divine destiny of higher realms existence awaiting you…it’s just a matter of how and when for each of you…

Let us discuss some pathways that will assist the journey you have chosen being human:

Pathway # 1

Please know that all you are currently experiencing is a not- so- simple clearing and cleansing, thus healing of your emotional, mental and physical bodies that have created the reality you are currently experiencing.  No density can be permitted into the higher realms. This process will allow the re-instatement of your eternal higher selves, and your I Am Present.

Pathway # 2

You are presently in 3D existence and experience the 4D when you sleep and during so called death. Each dimension has a certain frequency which you are beginning to create within yourselves. The 5D were you are headed is achieved when your consciousness maintains and sustains that same frequency all the time. Then you permanently entrain to that higher frequency through your resonance. Once there you become immortal.

Pathway #3

The organ of ascension is your knowing heart. Your ascended being has always lived within your heart. You are simply learning how to awake and access it. Until you have ascended fully, simply act like an ascended being retraining your emotional and mental bodies. Your ascended being is actually present all the time, dear ones.

Pathway #4

The duality, separation and confrontation that you wounds and ego defenses have created must vanish. Stop believing in right and wrong and control in your 3D world. They are all aspects of the same thing. Begin to access what’s in your loving, knowing heart, not what’s in your mental body and begin being and living that frequency daily. Become ready to reprogram your nervous system that has become addicted to duality, separation and confrontation. You are not separate: you are oneness and love, dear ones. You have brought yourselves to near destruction and learned all you need to learn from ‘what is not’. Are you ready to make some new choices?  We await you knowing and being this!

Pathway #5

Through Pathways #4, you have learned quite well how to shame, blame and judge yourself which reflects to others.  What you see in another is simply an unhealed aspect of you, dear ones. Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive this lack of self-love and begin to know yourself as a divine being? The foundation to your divinity and a new world is you loving you.

Pathway #6

Within your spiritual DNA awakening and higher chakras (eight through twelve) activations at this time are the tools you need to allow your direct connection to the higher frequencies where you are permanently headed. Until you fully arrive, we are here to love and support your journey.

Pathway # 7

One of the grandest reunions taking place is you and your  I AM PRESENCE which can connect you to your individuated divine soul plan. Your I AM PRESENCE   is an innate gift, a force from creation that allows you to know/remember who you are and why you are here. Your life, your beingness exists eternally within the timeless frequency of your  I AM PRESENCE.

Pathway #8

There are many myths and untruths as to exactly what ascension is and when it will take place. What you will be able to do when you ascend is not the primary purpose of ascension. What is important is what the value and purpose of ascension will mean for you an individual. Each of you is unique and has a unique path (soul plan) to your higher self/frequency. This is yours to discover…your journey…

Pathway # 9

Everything upon and within your planet is composed of the same energy (atoms/electrons). Thus you are all from the same sacred stuff. This includes the seen and the unseen around you. The unseen forces, the conscious minerals, the breathing plants, the stewards of the planet, the animals and the human species, all are interrelated and needed to make life possible. One is not better than another, nor is to be controlled by the other. An essential component of higher frequency existence is the consciousness of harmlessness by knowing the sacredness of all life co-habiting your precious planet. Karma will balance all harm.

Pathway # 10

An essential part of the clearing and cleansing mentioned earlier is re-training your nervous systems from the old comfort zones and negative patterns/habits that have brought you to near destruction. The Angel News Network and many other endeavors offer many pathways to achieving this. (See The Life Mastery program). The key to releasing the old programming is your self-love.

Pathway # 11

Major tools to your ascension are you own resonance and discernment (your internal gyro systems) and the emotions of joy and bliss that will empower your process with grace and ease. If it seems like work, it will be work. Again, it is your divine destiny to ascend into higher frequencies of existence: demand and command the universe through  your resonance, discernment and grace to ease the pathway…

Pathway # 12

Love is the highest frequency within the universe. It is the building block of everything. Everything is maintained and sustained by the love. Without love there is no creation, only destruction. Love will always bring our emotions and thoughts into oneness. The organ of love is your heart. Your heart knows that love is all there is; everything else is the absence of love. We are all here to learn to love. A key equation in the universe is GRATITUDE= ABUNDANCE. When you learn to have gratitude for all that is in your life (not absent), it will create (more) abundance. The combination of love and an attitude of gratitude will greatly facilitate your ascension process.

Pathway # 13

Your intention to ascend to higher frequencies needs to become the major focus of your life. You must be willing to have a harsh examination of self and be willing to release all unhealed aspects of self. Ascension always begins with each one of you in a process of inside out, not outside in. If you are willing to be these things you are on an authentic pathway to ascension…

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