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By Jeff Fasano, Channel, Author and Photographer

Metatron; Isolation and Separation

(From We Consciousness)

Through passages of time We come to you this is the Lord Metatron and We come to you with the next step in this twelve step process. We come to you through a streaming beacon of white light emanating from various levels of multi-dimensional reality that penetrates the core aspect of your heart. You now have the chance to look at the divisions in your heart, the aspects of duality that remain in your heart based upon separation and isolation.

This beacon of white light moves down directly from core aspects of the fifth dimensional realm and penetrates your heart.  It illuminates and sheds light on the division in your heart known as duality and the quest for separation and isolation. This quest is based upon intimacy. What is transpiring in your third dimensional realm is division, a division of entities and relationships. You now may be finding a division in relationships where there is separation, isolation and duality.  This relates to the separation, isolation and duality that reside in the core aspects of your heart, thus creating a division in your heart. This translucent beam of white light is illuminating certain areas of your heart so you can see the perpetuation of isolation and separation and the quest for this based upon intimacy, authenticity and transparency. 

We come to enlighten you about separation and division of the heart space so you can see the separation and division in your relationships. Then you can see the perpetuation of isolation and separation through the resistance to the movement toward intimacy through full transparency and authenticity. You will then see the feelings that emanate as you move to a greater depth of intimacy in relationships and move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart.

The move toward intimacy is apparent to many and not to some, yet it is necessary. The first step in moving toward intimacy is to see to a greater extent the intimacy you are having with you. If you do, there will be a willingness to move deeper to see the mirrors from those outside of you that reflect where you are. This will allow you then to move deeper to entertain the depth of the core feelings that come up for you that pertain to intimacy.
It is time if you so choose to begin to entertain the depth of the feelings that are coming up in relation to intimacy that create isolation and separation.

Isolation and separation is simply a by-product of the resistance to feelings. Your first impetus is to resist in relationships. If you accept the resistance and move through it and acquiesce to the feelings then feel the depth of them, you can move to intimacy if in fact that is what you say you want. All of this is based on what you say you want. If in fact true intimacy is what you say you want, it is prudent upon you to entertain the depth of feelings that surface and you resist.  When you resist the feelings you move into separation and isolation not from those you are in relationship with but from the feelings that arise within you.  It is then easy to isolate and separate from others who are simply triggering the depth of these core feelings within you. This is all based upon intimacy. The reason why you entertain a greater depth of intimacy in relationships, first in your relationship with yourself then with others, is feelings; resisting them or feeling them. So We ask you this: Is true intimacy what you say you want with others?

We now bring you to the division of the heart space. If true intimacy is what you say you want in relationships it is time to look at the depth of intimacy you are having with you. 

If those outside of you who open their heart to you in relationship trigger you ask:

Am I resisting this?

What feelings are surfacing when others open their heart to simply love me, honor me and value me as well as honoring my needs and boundaries?

Do you move into resistance and create drama around that by pointing your finger at them and say, “This is what you are doing and this is what you are not doing.”

This is the division of the heart space. When in relationship with another there is an aspect or part of your heart that resonates with this soul. Then there is an aspect of your heart that remains in resistance. This is where unmet emotional needs and unmet emotional aspects of you reside. These are feelings and you now can feel them, express them and move deeper into these feelings. What arises when another opens their arms and says I love you, I am here to support your highest good?

Is your intention to form greater relationships and move to a greater aspect of intimacy? If it is, the next step is to allow the feelings to arise and begin to feel them, allow them and express them. It is the resistance to these feelings that holds you in isolation and separation in relationships as well as within you. By resisting the feelings you are resisting a part of you thus perpetuating duality within you. It is time to see where you perpetuate duality within you. This beam of white light is essentially separating your heart to illuminate the aspects you have entertained and healed as well as illuminating the unmet emotional needs and those aspects in your heart that you haven’t dealt with yet. If you are looking to move from isolation and separation and releasing duality, this must be looked at and dealt with as you move along this pathway.

It is now time if you so choose to deal with these aspects in the core of your heart space because this is where these feelings lie. Examples of unmet emotional needs are, I am not feeling good enough. I am not worthy enough.

You are now being triggered by those outside you of as a mirror to see the unmet emotional needs you have within you. Feelings come up that need to be felt and dealt with so you can move to a greater sense of intimacy within you and then in relationship with others.

It is most important at this point in time that you heed these messages and heed the call. It is within you, it lies within you. It all lies within you.  

We ask you, is your quest and your intention to move to a greater level of intimacy with others? If so, and when you are faced with this, what feelings arise?

Look now at those who you are in relationship with outside of you who open their heart to you and support your highest good. Who opens their heart to you and say I love you. I open my heart to you, what do you need?
Is it still a quest to look at what isn’t in your life and scrutinize these relationships? What are the feelings that come up when another opens their heart and says I love you, I am here to support your highest good?

Are you looking at relationships that perpetuate duality and moving after these relationships because you know unconsciously and subconsciously these relationships do not challenge what you say you want, greater intimacy? 

You are being challenged now with what you say you want. If intimacy is truly what you say you want as well as moving into We consciousness, it is the narcissistic me that fights for isolation and separation to hold the narcissism in place.  If in fact you say you want We Consciousness and you are moving to it, and saying you are giving to the world in service to it, where are you in We Consciousness in relationship with another?  Are you in full We Consciousness with others you are in relationship with? Or do you fight for separation and isolation based upon the challenges that come up surrounding the feelings that surface?

So We ask you to write down:

Am I looking for pure intimacy in relationship with another?

Is this my intention? 

Am I truly looking to move from the narcissism of the Me into We Consciousness?

If this is the case then look at your relationships outside of you and ask:

Am I in We Consciousness in these relationships?

- Or -

Am I fighting for separation in those relationships as they come to me with their heart open simply saying I love you and I am here for you?

Are you resisting these relationships based upon the feelings that come up and the invitation to We Consciousness?

It is time to truly look at We Consciousness.

Are you in We Consciousness within you?

- Or -  

Is there a division in your heart based upon feelings and your resistance to them when others outside of you invite you to move into the purity of We Consciousness in the relationship?

Do you fight for your separation based upon the feelings that come up when another opens their heart to you and say, I am here and I honor and value your needs?

What do you need?

The invitation then is to what you say you want.

Are you still resisting it?

And is it what you truly want?  


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