Thursday, November 19, 2015


Christ Consciousness Season

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As WE approach the final weeks of 2015 with still so much energetically happening within/on our planet and throughout humanity, my thoughts and emotions turn to the Christ Consciousness this spiritual season. This short conversation is with the combined energies of the Ascended Masters realms and myself.

Phillip: What exactly is the Christ Consciousness and how does it assist us?

Ascended Masters: The Chris Consciousness is a dispensation from your Creator to alleviate humanity from the massive levels of lack and limitation you have created for eons through your emotions and thoughts. This teaching/energy has been brought to humanity by many teachers, many times throughout your evolution, most reality through Master Jesus.

Phillip: How can it best be used?

Ascended Masters: It is suggested that you use your free will and time to focus regularly on this Christ Consciousness energy. This will overcome and transcend your negative emotions and thoughts that create your reality. The Christ Consciousness energy will consume anything less than itself by transmuting it into pure, divine Light. This requires self-discipline and self-realization. The tools to achieve these have been given to you many times and are present in your world again now. The channel who we are coming through now and his brethren can direct you to many of the needed wisdoms.

Phillip: What about those who do not believe in Christ Consciousness, especially the young who my see it as some corrupted religion?

Ascended Masters: We are acutely aware of the non-believers and the destructive cultural trends in government, religion, and corporations that especially effect the youth. Many youth actually believe through their rebellious egos they are convinced that their free form of thinking, without any awareness of higher realms, achieves self-realization and truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Self-mastery and discipline are essential to freeing you from yourself. This needs the support and love of higher realm energies.

Phillip: So are you saying we cannot advance without the Christ Consciousness?

Ascended Masters: The highest awakening is through the Christ Consciousness energy. And each generation is advised to pass this truth on to the next generation. Me Consciousness of greed, immorality, selfishness and non-truth have never advanced humanity. All past Golden Ages have died due to their lack of connection to their Source. Only Light can advance humanity. And Light will ultimately consume anything less than itself. This is the process you are involved in now Dear Ones, what you call ascension.

Phillip: What else does the Christ Consciousness do?

Ascended Masters: Most importantly it allows you to know you are God experiencing Yourself. And once you know this, you come to know you are in service to this truth. God is the great WHO and WHY and you are the mirror of that truth.

Phillip: And then what happens?

Ascended Masters: When humanity becomes One with God, through Love of Self, he/she realizes he/she is truly God. The Christ Consciousness is the journey/pathway to this reality. This force has lived within you always, Are you finally ready to apply it and free yourself from yourself? And continue your service to the ever expanding Universe as the Master teacher you came here to be?

Phillip: Does the spiritual holiday season affect this?

Ascended Masters: Humanity is more sensitive to the energies that are transmitting from above and below the Earth; your heart opens more widely. In fact, your heart is designed to house and dispense the Christ Consciousness energy at will. Call upon it anytime. Merry Christ Consciousness, Dear Ones.

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