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A DAY OF BEING CONSCIOUSNESS (Or Not) by Phillip Elton Collins

By Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Each of us throughout our day can become consciousness whether we are aware of it or not…

For instance, when we awaken we become aware that we exist and "will" ourselves into existence. We can become aware of a significant other in our life, a husband/wife, a lover, an occupation, a plant or pet. This tweaks our consciousness and we begin to see ourselves as reflections of others (or not).

Then we may begin "to think" who we are and why we are here. Then we arise and become aware of our physical body and care for it; breathe, sound, motion, meditation, nutrition and begin to balance our energies.

Then we can become ready to decide what we want or need to be/do, and how to manifest those intentions the best way possible. Then if we so chose we become conscious that by ourselves we can do nothing, that the electron that maintains and sustains live is the real creator and we can choose to know that same electron is in everything and everyone…"world servicing" our actions to a higher purpose for the support of others.

Lastly we can choose to see and know what effects our actions, affects others and can choose to process ourselves through heightened consciousness or not.

Before we go into the 4D of sleep, we can recap the day and review the teachings and tools we gained. We accept ourselves with compassion and forgive all thoughts, emotions and actions that caused harm… we now know the fleeting nature of 3D. By allowing ourselves to change; we change the world knowing we are the creators.


By Phillip Elton Collins

Bountiful Blogs #21: At This Time
During the present expansion of Light throughout the Earth, it is absolutely imperative for the individual to keep an iron control over their own thought, feelings and spoken word-compelling them to be constructive and giving recognition to nothing else... if you are to avoid continual distress and countless loss to themselves and their world. At no time in the history of the planet has this been so important as it is at this present moment.” The Earth is passing through the throes of a tremendous new birth...the hour strikes in the evolution of every planet and its humanity when they must express the full peace, harmony, perfection and the divine plan of the system to which they belong.  

Bountiful Blogs #22: Re-Incarnation
The experience called death is a constant re-proof to mankind and a reminder to the personal self of its disobedience to the original God Power Plan and their Soul Plan. If the student really wants to know the truth about re-embodiment/re-incarnation and life, they must go to the source of life...the Mighty I AM Presence. For this Presence is what maintains and sustains your life.

Bountiful Blogs #23: I AM Presence
Humanity is using a small fragment of your individualized I AM Presence in your physical experience. This glorious presence is ever urging you to arise, receive your freedom forever from every limitation. This I AM Presence is your own Real Master, the Pure Christ Consciousness Self. It is all majesty and mastery over all worlds, over all created things.

Bountiful Blogs #24: A Real Master
Of one things you can be absolutely and eternally certain: that no one who is a Real Master will ever say so, and that an Ascended Master never accepts payment of any kind for the help they give... Because the first qualification of true mastership is to do all as their glad free gift of their service of love to the world. The real master uses only the all-knowing mind of God Power.

Bountiful Blogs #25: Desire to Commit
No one can ever attain Self Mastery and Ascension without the desire, thus commitment to do so; without desire of attainment, attainment is not possible. All constructive desire is your “god-in-action” within you. The desire activity is the forward-moving, ever expanding motion of life itself.

Bountiful Blogs #26: Uncontrolled Feelings
Man Power does not like to hear this Truth but the waste of the Life Energy through uncontrolled feelings is the cause of the disintegration of all physical bodies outside of violence.

Bountiful Blogs #27: Being God
When Man Power becomes one with God Power, he/she realizes that he/she truly is God. This is not blasphemy, but the fruit of total surrender; the return gift of Life's own identity.

Bountiful Blogs #28: The Time Has Come
The time has come when great numbers among the mass of humanity will awaken to the truth within them and realizes they have a God Power within themselves... The Magic Presence of the Mighty I AM. There are many who from an Inner Standpoint are far along the Path of Enlightenment due to previous Self-effort and attainment. Yet in this present embodiment they are outwardly unaware of it. It is time to give such souls the freedom, which they crave and for which they are ready. These shall have help and to this end do we work here to give it.

Bountiful Blogs #29: Student of Life
If one be a Real Student of Life, they will dig deep into the thoughts and feelings of those Beings who express the superhuman conditions, qualities and transcendent ideals. These, the ordinary personality considers impossible because of the greatness of the power required to bring them into outer expression. The effort needed to attain and express these Divine Qualities is more than the ordinary person cares to make. The effort this kind of attainment requires is a sincere, strict discipline of the human sense-consciousness until it learns obedience to the pattern of perfection instead of its own selfish temporary whims and appetites.

The real student of life knows that whatever God Power quality the consciousness of the individual can think about, he can bring into existence through the creative power of their own thought and feelings of Divine Love. 

Bountiful Blogs #30: Equality, Harmony, Balance
In order for your species and world to move forward into your next golden age there needs to be equality, harmony and balance in all aspects of your world. This includes governments, religions, corporations, relations with self and others.  You can no longer have the few controlling the many. As soon as you wake up to this truth, the most amazing world of abundance and freedom awaits you all. Set your fear aside and surrender to knowing this truth. The God Power that created you and maintains and sustains you always: The I Am Presence.

Bountiful Blogs #31: Relationship of Death and We Consciousness
We humans are beginning to understand the relationship between our imbalances; unhealed ego defenses, negative thoughts and emotions and our physical deaths. This Man Power within ourselves actually results in our disintegration, which is another name for death. We are in the process of learning to love self and others and have this reflect out in all aspects of our life in order to reclaim our immortal state of being.  In effect mankind is learning to live its life by the eternal Law of Love. We are beginning to fully understand the God Power and essence of this thing called love. And when we learn how to fully integrate this love law into civilization and ourselves we can and will be released from the cosmic wheel of birth and rebirth. The need for repeated Earth-lives will no longer be necessary and the imbalances/problems we experience now will disappear. We simply will no longer need to learn the way we have in the past (often through what is not). Rather than lack and limitation, duality, separation and confrontation, in their place will come joy and abundance in ever expanding perfection, which forever manifests within love. Then our most powerful enemy, other than old ourselves, death will simply vanish into the new world.

When our human wounds, defenses and discord dissolves, not by so called death, but by constantly raising our consciousness by the activity of the I Am Presence (your connection to source), its power will be released into the outer world service through the individual first and foremost by complete Life/ Self Mastery. This consciousness embracing the I Am aspects is being called We Consciousness. And the relationship between consciousness and the I Am energies is vital in order for humanity to move into its final Golden Age. Through We Consciousness every human being can release the limitless power of the Mighty I Am Presence within each of us. And each of us has an equal, God-given supply that can be embodied to build communities of equality, harmony and balance worldwide.

We can use these terrific tools of We Consciousness and the I Am Presence just like the all-powerful ascended masters who once walked this Earth and continue to support us now. This is the Cosmic Christ within us all! Throughout the Universe, We Consciousness is the only consciousness than can say I AM. And when we choose to say I AM, we are being and using the God Power, YOU.

Bountiful Blogs #32: University of Spirit
Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters conduct courses at the Royal Teton Retreat for those pursuing a path of soul-mastery. At this University of the Spirit (US) souls are also tutored in divine illumination and the practical application of its ideals. This is one of the oldest learning centers on our planet. If you would like to be tutored at the soul level at this etheric retreat, you can ask the angels to escort you there in your light body while you sleep. Now the veil between your world and higher realms will be thinner than ever before. There will be much contact and teachings coming forth in this year of manifestation of We Consciousness.

Bountiful Blogs #33: 2013 Soul Plan
Many higher realms have proclaimed this year of the ending of our duality, separation and confrontation with self and others. This does mean there will be more clearing and cleansing of planet and humanity. But rest assured we are moving into We Consciousness. It is our divine blueprint.  Let us review how the year breaks out into three main portions:

Part I: The Continued Breakdown: the extremes of duality will surface in relationships, government, financials, religions. All past habits and patterns will surface to be cleared and cleansed.

Part II: The Breakthrough: After Part I, we shall further awaken to our divine soul plans, who we are and why we are here and how to move into world service.

Part III: We shall restructure the new paradigm as new revelations, inspirations and truths come into existence. This will allow full We Consciousness/Unity/ God Power to manifest.

Bountiful Blogs #34: This Year of We Consciousness
By Star realms that seeded this planet, Inner Earth forces, Archangelic energies and the Inter Galactic Federation it has been foretold that this year will be the epoch where humanity moves into We Consciousness. We shall continue to receive teachings and tools to further heal the me and relationship with self in order to move into an Oneness/We of World Service.

Bountiful Blogs #35: Portal Opening
Today, 12/25 a five-pointed star portal has opened with the combined energies of Arcturus, Pleiades, Orion, Lemurian and the Inter Galactic Federation. These God Power will assist us in evolving into We Consciousness now. This new portal opening is the grandest Christ Consciousness gift we can receive today.

Bountiful Blogs #36: Personal Oath
I now take the oath of communion in We Consciousness. I now release all that no longer serves the highest good and the purity of We Consciousness. I now release all that no longer serves my brethren and me. I now take the solemn oath to move into We Consciousness with my brethren and with those who resonate and vibrate as I and those who have a similar purpose and mission as I. I now move in We Consciousness in resonance, harmony, community and equality with those who share my vision in world service.

Bountiful Blogs #37: We Oath
We now come together in the here and now in We Consciousness. We have fully revealed ourselves to ourselves. We have revealed to ourselves what is no longer appropriate in We Consciousness. I now release what is no longer appropriate for my endeavors, mission and my purpose as I come together with like-minded individuals in We Consciousness. We join together and celebrate the uniqueness of the individual as we now join in similar endeavors. We now join this endeavor in We Consciousness.

Bountiful Blogs #38: 12/12/12 through 12/21/12
Between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 is an extraordinary nine-day period where you can best connect with the unique and powerful transforming energies from the Universe. This is the highest frequency of Christ Light's gift the human form can sustain. You are being aligned with the forces that created the Universe and you! You will now decide what path your life will take: this is a mass migration from the me to the we consciousness, if you so choose. Please accept with compassion and forgive the clearing and cleansing that needs to take place in the world and you. Here is a mantra to support you: I live and move and have my being within the Invincible Strength and Power of the Sacred Fire Mastery in me.

Bountiful Blogs #39: 12/12/12
You have waited thousands of life times upon my body for this moment in your time. Beginning today, 12/12/12, precious portals of energies are re-awakening to support your Ascension into your true being. You are receiving transforming energies unlike never before...all that your human form can sustain and maintain. Rejoice Dear Children your graduation is at hand karma, and cause and effect cycles are ending. It is time to step into your divinity and full mastership and connection to the forces that created you (and never lose that connection again). The next nine days will continue your clearing and cleansing of the old that has stood in your way to higher realms. The new paradigm of Unity and Oneness is at hand, joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty I Am Presence, the Christ Consciousness within you, feel it intensify through your heart to every molecule of your being. You are the Light and are protected by it. December 21st will be your final portal opening for this year. 

Bountiful Blogs #40: Ascended Master Defined
The Ascended Master" is an individual who by Self-Conscious effort has generated enough Love and Power within themself to snap the chains of all human limitation, and so they stand free and worthy to be trusted with the use of forces beyond those of human experience. They feel the oneness of Omnipresent God Power. Hence all forces and things obey their command because they are a Self-Conscious Being of free will controlling all by the manipulation of the Light within Themselves.

Bountiful Blogs #41: Love
Without trust and faith in Love it is impossible for us to be pleased with ourselves or with any of our relationships.

Bountiful Blogs #42: Love Toward Source
I marvel at the number of spiritual seekers who desire power over themselves, self mastery while not expressing Love and Gratitude toward the Source and Self and brother and sister so they can possess the wisdom and power of the very God Powers which gave birth to your world and you.

Bountiful Blogs #43: Importance of Love
Every past ancient civilization and Golden Age on this planet or any other world that died was from the withdrawal of Universal Love from within. Are you ready to choose love of Self and One Another, dear ones?

Bountiful Blogs #44: Divine Truth
Divine Truth reveals that Love, Wisdom and Power are in reality the One indivisible/undivided Whole which can never be divided or divisive...their atoms singing as they chorus throughout the Universe...We are One, We are One, We are One. Thank God Almighty We are One. When humanity knows and applies this truth, we shall move into We Consciousness and never experience lack and limitation again.

Bountiful Blogs #45: Cosmic/Universal Law
Humanity's unknowing and disobedience to Cosmic/Universal Law, his hesitancy in matters of Higher God Power Realms, his gathering momentums of  Man Power destructivity toward self, others and Earth...these have kept you in lack and limitation. Now is the time, if you so choose, to free yourselves and join the God Powers that are here to support your ascension into a perfected reality.

Bountiful Blogs #46: Cosmic Colonic
December 12th and 21st, 2012 were powerful energetic portal openings for our planet and humanity. It is a great time of clearing, cleansing and releasing old patterns that no longer serve our highest good. Let us accept with compassion thus forgive through gratitude what needs to take place. December will continue to be a time of a transformation process. We shall begin to see how our coming together in We Consciousness of thoughts and feeling will unite us. It is the time of knowing who you are and why you are here...to move into your purpose through your actions.

Bountiful Blogs #47: Spiritual Alchemy
Remember that the goal of true spiritual alchemy is to create nobility in the soul and virtue everywhere, particularly in the realm of the self.

Bountiful Blogs #48: Reincarnation
How great has been humanity's suffering by eliminating the truth that we have many life times on this planet. To deny the truth of the continuity of your own being, its span of previous existence and its future glorious destiny, is to cut you off from the basic premise of life itself. Know you are eternal beings of light that can never die. And all the life times you have had are pathway to your truth: A Being without end. Removing this truth from your reality was a grave distortion of life's purpose that has challenged society to this day.

Bountiful Blogs #49: Christ Consciousness
As we approach the season of The Christ Consciousness season (having nothing to do with any particular religion) let us further examine this energy further: Ascended Masters Jesus Christ and Saint Germain have passed the torch of the Christ Consciousness and the I AM THAT I AM Presence (the god within me sees the god within you) from the Piscean to the now Aquarian dispensation. Our reunion with these ASCENSION energies is the Way Showers for our next and final Golden Age of Oneness. This will be the salvation through the resurrection of our divine souls (plans). Are you ready?

Bountiful Blogs #50: Atmosphere of Earth
Within the atmosphere of Earth is held all the creations of hu-manity that keep alive all the emotions and thoughts as a powerful force with our emotional and mental bodies. Through awakening and self-empowerment, we are in the process of freeing ourselves from the mass accumulation in this atmosphere. When this happens, we shall be surprised how fast our world improves.

Bountiful Blogs #51: Man: The Divine Alchemy
From Saint Germain: The Lord is your shepherd. You shall not want- if you will only understand that he longs to guide you correctly, if you will only understand that whereas evil has no real existence, its shadow veil has been the means through the centuries of binding man to the earth. And you shall see that by cutting the bonds of evil and by acknowledging the God Power of Good, you will no longer strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, but you will enter straightway into the City of God, into the consciousness that transcends the world and its options by recognizing the spiritual options that lie as gifts in your hand. Man is the Divine Alchemist in physical form. In his right hand the gift of life lays beating. It is the pulsation of cosmic effort. Without acknowledging the gift, man fades away as a vapor upon the glass. By acknowledging it, the cosmic breath strengthens the manifestation of self until death is swallowed up in victory and Life stands forth transcendent and splendid to every eye. Onward we move progressively toward freedom and God Power in action.

Bountiful Blogs #52: Heart of The World
America is the Heart of the World and destined to lead your planet into its final Golden Age. Your Founding Fathers were given all the tools they needed to create a new paradise on Earth. For many reasons that never happened...until now. By employing and embodying your Mighty I AM PRESENCE you can and will create a new paradigm of Equality, Balance and Harmony. Many higher realms are assisting in this: Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and Mother Earth just to name a few. You are at a cross roads through your freedom of choice and will to choose WE CONSCIOUSNESS vs. ME CONSCIOUSNESS.  Your Lady Liberty standing in New York harbor is here to remind you that true freedom comes from freedom from yourselves. No matter how things appear in your outside world, all we speak of here is true and ready to take place. But it requires your awareness and cooperation in your emotions and thoughts to manifest your destiny to create the final GOLDEN AGE. What do you choose, dear ones? All the wisdoms and teachings you need are before you now (again). Ascended Master Saint Germain, loving you more than you can love yourselves at this time. But soon, if you so choose, this will all change and you will be truly freedom from the forces that have kept you in bondage for eons, YOU!

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