Friday, February 3, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins

                                                 THE TRUMP/HITLER CONNECTION

Why has a practice as dark and evil as slavery—the enslavement of one group of humans by another—been so prevalent throughout human history? Why does it continue today?

And why does St. Germain link the name of the new United States President Donald Trump to one of the most extreme practitioners of slavery in modern human history, Adolph Hitler?

The answers to these questions could fill volumes because they go back to the early years of man’s existence on the planet, which St. Germain and other spiritual entities number in the millions of years, not tens of thousands, which most scientists claim.

St. Germain provided brief answers to these questions this week (through channel Phillip Collins) as part of a series of interviews I am conducting with him in connection with a new book on Ascension the Angel News Network plans to publish later this year.

The health and survival of our democracy is paramount to St. Germain because he helped inspire the founding papers created by our founding fathers. They were a crucial step in the founding of the first modern democracy which was to be a prototype for the rest of the world. The United States is a pivotal component of the divine plan for mankind.

Here is a brief outline of the progression of events that St. Germain says has led to the emergence and election of Donald Trump and what is unfolding today in the United States and the world:

. Millions of years ago, when mankind was still in a primitive state of evolution, Earth was visited by an  advanced civilization looking for minerals, primarily gold, to restore the atmosphere of their planet which they had destroyed through the use of fossil fuels.

. They needed slave labor to mine the minerals, so they programmed the DNA of primitive man which allowed them to control and enslave man as workers of the mines. These visitors seemed to be all powerful and immortal to man since they lived for thousands of years and man called them gods. Multiple texts and images left by early civilizations the world over include references to these god-like visitors.

. These alien visitors could not completely control what they did not create. There is a divine seed in every human being the visitors could not touch. The genetic disposition to be controlled by others which has been programed into our DNA is healing now during mankind’s Ascension Process. That divine aspect or seed is our I Am Presence, our Christ Consciousness, and it is now healing our genetic disposition to be controlled.

. As our healing progresses, we are increasingly seeing ourselves as the creator creating, not some lowly being subservient to a god outside ourselves or a king or queen--royal traditions established by the alien visitors as part of their systems of control.

. You now have an individual who has been elected as a populist (draws his power and support directly from people {supporters}, not from a deliberative body or legal system) who contain this unhealed aspect from the past. It is that unhealed aspect in his supporters that resonated with that aspect in your president who comes from German stock with that genetic DNA. Those who resonate with him do so because of the unhealed aspects of the ancient DNA within themselves, the need to be controlled by another.

. It is because of this manipulation by others that you have had the need to enslave one another throughout your history. This led to the subjugation of the feminine energy by the masculine, but the larger influence was the vast genetic manipulation producing the need to enslave because you were enslaved in the beginning by advanced civilizations. Thus, it is like the abused child that’s grows up to abuse his child.

. Your United States are very divided because there are many in your populace who have raised their consciousness, their vibration and frequency, to a level that they know exactly what is going on, not perhaps in the detail explained here, but they understand the democratic process is threatened.

. The threat is from a Hitler mentality. That is why your novel, 1984, and biographies of Hitler are becoming best sellers again, because the information and wisdom in those books is resonating within the DNA of those who have raised their consciousness enough to begin to understand what is happening.

. Your newly elected president does not have the training Hitler had. Hitler was a scholar of the esoteric and the occult. Because your new president has the same genetic programming within him but doesn’t have the foundation and training of Hitler, the emperor, in effect, has no clothes.

. The clothes—the symbol and the illusion of power—will be the people.  So this individual is acting through social media, bypassing the institution of the press, which he sees as the opposition. So by using social media and avoiding the press, he is seeking the perpetuation of his untruths.

. It is why he is using what you call twitter. He believes it gives him direct communication to say what he wants to say to the people. He is using it to confuse you, to create further chaos. So as he attempts to separate you through banning certain groups who cannot enter the country, he quickly mentions something else, i.e., his supreme court nomination. So as soon as one bomb is thrown, testing the waters to see how the American people and the press will react, he throws out another in order to confuse and divert attention.

. He is doing all this with a clear intention, but he is not well informed or a scholar. He acts on instinct and intuition and on the genetic vibration within him to attempt to control the country, in fact, to control the world, which is the genetic Hitleresque programming within him.  It is the reason he has been on the phone with all the world leaders, many of whom are despots themselves to create a network in order for this so-called populist movement (that attempts to sidestep the democratic institutions of government) to become a worldwide movement.

. The freedom of the press is your salvation. It is the reason that we made it so key in our communication with your founding fathers. Your press is beginning to understand that direct communication with your president or those who speak for him does not serve your democracy. They can gain the information they need without the cooperation of the president, the cabinet or members of his administration through something called leaks.

. This president underestimates or does not understand that the environment that he is in now will be fraught with leaks that can give the American people the information and the truth that they need whether it comes directly from him or not.

. We have said before, and it bears repeating, this president represents all the unhealed aspects of the wounds and defenses in humanity—the unhealed aspects of the democratic process-- realizing that the majority of the populace doesn’t even vote, doesn’t even show up to show an interest.

. So what has resonated more powerfully and prevailed (in his election) are the people who have the same genetic programming within themselves as does your president. His mission and the ancient coding within him supports the hidden forces that have been controlling the planet to keep the planet in chaos and separation.

Remember, within your evolutionary ascension process you need the darkness to know the light exists. Once you are in the light, the light is all that there is. So it is an aspect of your ascension process that this darkness is rearing its head again so that you will more forthrightly know the light.

(Next week we will present how St. Germain, the ascendant masters and the higher realms are guiding mankind through what they describe as this time of awakening.)


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