Tuesday, February 14, 2017


From Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages
By Phillip Elton Collins
The Angel News Network
We know the old adage,
Love Is All There Is.
Well, the ole Masters say it
This way: There is only One Law of Life,
And that is Love.
Love is the highest vibration in Creation,
Allowing all manifestation making.
Through man’s thoughts, emotions and deeds
Man really never ceases
Creating his needs.
The absence of love
Is ever present,
Most often in fear, ever near.
That not of love
In effect becomes self-centered darkness
Moving in its own orbit,
Not allowing any love sparkness.
When the Law of Love is enforced
All negativity goes to sleep,
And we have no need to weep.
Through love the glorious God-Power
Within you awakens,
You release and express love
And there are no longer any hateful hours.
For you have allowed
The love-flowers, to bloom,
And there will be no further room
For anything other than what love can swing and bring...
Love is the vibration and glue
That created everything,
Especially YOU

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