Thursday, September 7, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network


As I write this, it looks as though all hell is breaking loose. A killer hurricane named Irma is hurtling towards South Florida where I live, leaving a trail of stunning destruction through the islands of the Caribbean and now the Bahamas. None of us knows what harm Irma is about to unleash on Florida, but we have prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Last week hurricane Harvey ripped into Texas, drowning Houston and countless smaller communities in one of the worst storm deluges in U.S. history.

And spinning right behind Irma is hurricane Jose threatening many of the same islands leveled by Irma.

What is going on? What is our beloved Mother Earth telling us? This week we at the Angel News Network (ANN) received insights from St. Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins, and Archangel Michael, channeled by Jeff Fasano.

St Germain:

Your emotions and your thoughts within your atmosphere create your weather, which is a wisdom that is lost, not believed or understood or accepted by the majority of humanity.

This is a great time of testing of the democratic structure of these United States and for the populace to decide whether democracy is exactly what they want and need. Can they realize that democracy is not a spectator sport, that it requires the participation of all of you to support the structures that we of the higher realms gave to the founding fathers and the checks and balances of your government structures to protect democracy—a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

These weather systems are a clearing and cleansing within specific areas of negativity, of bias and of hatred. These systems are created by the emotions and thoughts within those geographical locations--the origins of the storms, the paths of the storms and the destination of the storms. They will bring people together in a united We consciousness where humanity comes together as a result of the storm that they have created to heal the bias, the separation and confrontation by having to come together. It forces people to come together to rebuild, to repair. Even enemies are forced to come together if they are reduced to a common denominator, perhaps losing everything, having nothing and needing one another to rebuild. They are not even aware they have created all this.

Some see it as an act of God, some as a punishment from God. It is none of these things. I am here to remind you that you are the creator creating all the time, including the experiences you are having with your weather and your personal and collective lives.

Archangel Michael:

You are moving through a great period of clearing and cleansing at this time in your mental, emotional and physical plane. Every one of you is going through physical, emotional and mental upheavals. What is transpiring in your world and yourself is rattling your cages, the status quo, your comfort zones.

There are upheavals in your corporate, government and political systems, rattling the cages of everyone. You are seeing a great demonstration of the duality that still exists.

Subtleties have not worked on the third dimensional plane. To understand what is going on internally and in the 3D realm, it all must be quite dramatic, and it is quite dramatic, isn’t it? The old and the duality are being revealed and amplified to the highest degree ever.

Many of you have been lulled to sleep for quite some time. The multi-dimensional energies are waking the masses. So what is transpiring in the 3D is awakening the masses with such contrasting, conflicting and dramatic crescendos the likes of which you have not seen before.

As Mother Earth rattles the cages of the world in order to clear, cleanse and flush out lower vibrations, it is important for everyone in a committed personal process to begin to realize their truth and understand the power and greatness of the individual.

What you can look forward to is a greater expression of truth from yourself and others. On the other side of this will be a great revelation of truth. Not only will you individually be discovering your truth, but there will be a revelation of truth in the 3D world outside of you. You’re going through a process of clearing and cleansing and an awakening. There will be a great revealing of truth within yourself and in the world outside of yourself.

What is transpiring outside of yourself is a tool to see what is transpiring inside yourself, so you can respond from a place of loving, honoring and valuing you. You can raise your resonance and vibration from the density of what is transpiring out in the world by congregating with others to create a new collective consciousness. It is important to create a new collective consciousness. That is the new awakening: the awakening to a new collective consciousness

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