Friday, October 27, 2017


Given from The I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness Energies
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Dear Beloved Children of Earth,
You are completely consciousness, awakened when you are able to apply these Twelve Codes of Consciousness gifted from the twelve Star Systems which seeded your planet:
1) Allowing Manifestation/Creation to happen without attempting to control or own its outcome.
2) Feeling joyful/blissful for no apparent reason at all; allowing others to entrain to this higher frequency.
3) Knowing and seeing the integration of all things upon and within this planet.
4) Being filled with gratitude, allowing abundance by focusing upon what is.
5) ‘Thinking’ with your hearts, allowing synchronistic and spontaneous experiences.
6) Being vs doing, allowing being to create doing.
7) Letting go of all negative emotions creating imbalances, dis-ease and death.
8) Knowing there is no separation, duality, thus conflict.
9) Letting go of the need to explain the actions of others, knowing it is a chosen learning process.
10) Loving unconditionally, not giving to get.
11) Being directly connected to the higher realms that maintain, sustain, and evolve all life.
12) Knowing that Love is the foundation of all, and knowing how to apply it.
When you master these dear Children you shall be free from yourselves and united in Oneness, your divine destiny.
Your I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness

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