Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekly Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by Jeff Fasano The Revelation of Your Illusions

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks

The Revelation of Your Illusions

In the end what is in the depth of your heart is love. For it is all about love. Everyone has the need to love and be loved.  This is a universal truth.
Yet most have been conditioned with illusionary belief systems that have been created through the deep wounding of their models. There is an innate need to be protected from what challenges those conditioned belief systems. So you have built a mask, or armoring around you to give you a false sense of safety that creates an illusion that you are protected.  When the old beliefs and conditioning are challenged your first reaction is to fight to defend you against what and who may be challenging you. 
What is transpiring in your world today is achieving this more than at anytime. The “old” in your world is being revealed and in turn so is the “old” of your conditioned belief systems. If you choose, it is up to you to see this as the mirror reflects it back to you.  Many simply are revealing who they truly are at this point in their evolutionary cycle. 
What you will see in the next three months in your world is a greater expression of truth from yourself and others.  During the next three months will come a great revelation of truth. As you continue to discover your truth within you, this is transpiring outside of you as well and will lead to a great revelation of truth.
Many of you have been lulled to sleep over quite some time. Infiltration of multi-dimensional energy is awakening the masses.  What is transpiring in the world outside of you is awakening the masses and happening in a contrasting, dramatic fashion that you may have not seen before.  Duality and the old is being revealed as if it is being amplified. For it is through drama that gets your attention.
The question is, what is your truth?
It is time to move into simplicity in your life.  Move back to basics.  See what you need from a basic point of view.  It is time to move out of the abstract conditioned mind and move into the heart. 
Ask yourself, what do I need and how can I nurture myself with love? Do this without judgment and shame. Without conflict and opposition. 
Then you can simply be there when called upon with love for an other?

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