Sunday, January 21, 2018

Archangel Michael Speaks: Moving from the Mental Body into Your Heart. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 Moving from the Mental Body into the Heart

It is time to move into gratitude for what is transpiring in your life at this time. Though you may understand what you are grateful for in your mental body,  expressing gratitude comes from your heart because it is something you feel if you have been affected by it.  

Many spend an inordinate of time in their mental body, and it is time now to release your mental body and move into your heart. For those who have a challenge moving from the mental body into the heart, perhaps it is time to dedicate time to practice this.

Many have a need to always understand what is transpiring, and have the need to explain it. This is done through the mental body, and when in balance with the heart space is important. Yet many are out of balance, and for the most part in their mental body.  Know that you now can now shift the need to understand things conceptually in the mental body and the need to explain it.

To do this, when information or knowledge is given to you, focus on receiving it by moving into your heart space and allowing it to affect you. Be aware when the need arises to explain it right away. If this does happen, more than likely it hasn’t affected you at all.  Those who are continually in their mental body trying to figure everything out, bypass allowing it to affect them.  What is happening is the ego tricking you to avoid receiving fully. 

You receive information and knowledge by first understanding it conceptually in the mental body. It is then important to open your heart to allow it to affect you energetically.  If you allow it to affect you in your heart space, you then will allow the energy to move into your physical beingness. Completing this process begins balancing the mental body with the heart.

It is time to identify what holds you in your mental body and begin to release that. Perhaps you are trying to control everything and everyone outside of you? Perhaps you need to have every bit of information so will know the outcome, and thus be safe and secure? By moving into your heart space, you can release this and trust you to be you. You are not being who you are through the mental body. Being who you are emanates energetically from your heart.

By moving into your heart and placing your focus there, you can begin balancing the mind and the heart. You then can utilize the mental body to direct the beingness of you in your heart, out into the world.  Your mental body or your mind, is the machinery used to direct your will for life that emanates in your heart.

When you move into your heart and into the beingness of you, and allow yourself to be there, you will know you are loved for you.  And then know that what you have to express from the depth of your truth is important.    

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