Sunday, September 2, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Freedom: Being You

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into the freedom of life and open to a grander sense of the beingness of self. 
As you move into beingness you release self-imposed constrictions, such as a need to fit in or to be someone else to be loved. As you move into beingness of self that is born when moving within and revealing a deeper sense of who you are, you then begin to have greater freedom in life and this leads to creation.  As your heart opens to you, you will realize that you are free to be you.

By moving deeper into your heart space through the personal process and gain a greater sense of self, and a greater sense of who you are, you naturally move to a place of being who you are. You begin to Be that wonderful and most glorious soul who can shine his or her light onto the world.  As you be who you are, you will find yourself less constricted around your heart and it will open. You in turn will release the conditioning of the mental body. You will release thinking perhaps, that you need to be a certain type of person other than you to be loved or you need to take care of other’s needs to be loved.  You now can energetically release the need to be someone else, the need to satisfy another’s needs, the need to do and do and do in order to be loved. You release the cacophony of this old energy that is stored in the mental body.   

When you move into a natural state of beingness; I am me, I am loved for being me, I am loved for being who I am, this opens the doors for freedom. The freedom to create the life you say you want simply because you are who you are. In the process of being who you are and moving to a greater sense of self, loving, honoring and valuing you, you then will be able to see your talents and gifts. You then can begin to utilize these talents and gifts and bring to the world your endeavors, modalities and teachings.   

Each and every one of you is moving to a greater sense of beingness of self, being of who you are. So We ask you; Are you being who you are?  
Observe your mental body here when We ask this question. Quite possibly you may hear old voices say; You still need to do this. You need to be this person in order to be loved. You need to fit in in life. You need to suppress your self expression, suppress the beingness of you, suppress the real you in order to fit in in the world and survive it.      

Simply observe if this if it transpires.  Be gentle with your self with what comes up. Then ask; Is my life a life where I am free to fully express myself? 

From time to time at certain points in your life the voices of the ego, or mom and dad will rise to ask questions. Are you sure you are good enough? Are you sure that you are wonderful? Are you sure that you are powerful? Are you sure that you are great?

When the questions arise, and the doubt associated with those questions rise  within you and in your mental body, feelings come up. Allow this. Then simply stop, breathe, allow the energy to move and answer those questions accordingly. Yes I am powerful. Yes I am glorious. Yes I am wonderful. And I love me for being me. I love, honor and value myself for being me.  

When you answer the questions, observe what transpires with your energy. Allow the doubt to be there. Doubt that says; I am unsure. Simply allow yourself to be where you are. Then utilize your tools by observing where you are in that moment. Right now I am doubting myself.   Right now I am unsure. Then ask, What do I need? Your answers will come to you and you will recognize what you need. Then move back to seeing who you are right now, and who you have become through the personal process and the commitment to the inner work. 

It is important to observe your self without judgment as best you can. And if you begin to judge, allow that to be there and observe it. Be aware if you move into resistance to what is happening. By observing the self, and observing what is transpiring, you are moving to clarify your needs, what you want and the life you want. By observing you, you will gain clarity as to who you are and what you need.

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