Sunday, September 23, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Mastering Life is about You Being You In It

Many are at a crossroads, an intersection, a jumping off point in their life. Many are looking at their life and questioning it. Many are looking at their life and know that it is time to take another step. Many are looking at the cacophony and the low dense vibration of what is transpiring in the world outside of them and it is affecting them deeply.  The Illusion of what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm is combining with the illusion of what they have of themselves through the depth of their wounding. It is the wounding and the defense system that creates the illusion that you are not lovable, not worthy, not great, not powerful.   

It is time to look at love.  
Are you opening your heart to allow yourself to be loved?
Are you living your life through the eyes of love? 
Are you loving honoring and valuing yourself and others?
How deeply do you love honor and value you?
Can you move into the truth of this?

It is all about moving within and knowing the depth of love you have for yourself.  What is the capacity that you can love right now? 
How open is your heart to love?
How open are you to receiving love? 
Do you keep love at arms length?

Much of what We speak about has landed in your mental body and many understand the concepts of Love. It is time now if you choose, to move from the conceptual mind and allow your heart to open to live the process as opposed to mastering what We are saying. It is time to implement it into life. Will I be able to open my heart and know that I am love and will be loved? Do you remain in your mental body with the concepts, trying to understand them and master them? Or are you implementing the concepts into the beingness of your life?   

The capacity you have to master your life is based on you individually and your soul’s plan. If you are here to master your life, it is important to look at your attachments to that. Continually trying to master your life might be based upon what you think you are not yet 

Mastering life is about being it, being you. 
Are you being who you are?
If you are being who you are, you are mastering life. 
You are opening your heart to a depth you are capable of at this juncture in your life at this time.  
How deeply are you opening your heart to receive love at this moment, at this juncture in your life now?     
Are you still preparing yourself for it?
Perhaps you are thinking that you have to master this before you do it. Then you will be prepared and nothing can go wrong.  

It is about being truthful and honest with you in your heart space. 
Am I being who I am? 
What is your answer?
Is there doubt? 
The answer is yes, you are being who you are right now to the extent you are capable of. 
Many know you can be more of who you are. Perhaps you can let go of the mask just a bit more to trust love. To trust that you are good enough, you are worthy and you are who you are.   

The concept you have of mastering life may be; I must know this, master it before I can live it and be it. Then I will be in control of it all.  Quite possibly you look at life mastery through your wounding where you need to control life, as opposed to opening your heart, being who you are, and allowing love in and it affecting you.  Through life affecting you, you can then take the concepts that you have learned and apply them. As you live and experience life, allow yourself to experience wounding and trauma. 

Where are you allowing yourself to fully experience the depth of life? Are you experiencing the peaks and valleys, the shadows, the joy? Or are you in the conceptual mind thinking you have to master the concepts and then you can live life? Thus, being in the process of continually preparing for life.  I need to prepare myself so I am ready for what life throws at me. Then, when I am prepared I can live life.
Or, as I live life I can open up and experience it and use my tools that I have been given. Then, open up to a greater amount of intimacy with others as I share myself and all the wonderful aspects of me as well as those that I may still judge and shame. 

What are the wonderful aspects of you that you would like to share with others? 
Find them and look at them. Then look at all the aspects of you that you continue to judge and shame and trying to master. 
Focus on the wonderful aspects of you, make a list of them and ask, Do I need to master this? 
Can you now look at the aspects of you that you judge and shame and ask, What here can I accept and nurture and shift and change?  Shifting from judging and shaming them to acceptance through love. 

What are the aspects of you that you love about you?
Are you focusing on those aspects of you that you judge and shame?
Many think they need to master the aspects of you that have been judged and shamed. 
The question We have now is; Are you mastering your wonderfulness and greatness?  

Give yourself the freedom to be you and allow others the choice to do the same.

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