Monday, May 13, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Surrendering to Your Divine Soul Plan

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving into new parameters of your life.  New doorways are opening for you and you are walking through them and you are bringing the old to an end. You may be moving through the shadow aspects of your life and in them receiving revelations. You now may be realizing that the light is shining down upon you. Many of you are beginning to realize your full potential in your divine plan. And many are moving through great shifts and changes. It is as if the light bulb has been lit above your head and you have realized why you have come here.  You may now be transitioning and moving into developing aspects of your self and creating a new life. 

All in all, many of you are now beginning to surrender. And We come to you now to speak to you about surrendering.  Surrendering to where you are now in your life, where you are moving to and seeing where you may still be fighting and resisting what is transpiring in your life.  Perhaps you are looking at where you should be and what you think should be happening. This thinking is related to the third dimensional paradigm as opposed to your soul’s divine plan. 

It is about moving from the outer, the third dimension, to the inner where you are connected in your heart space to your soul’s divine plan. Many get caught up in the Third Dimensional Paradigm thinking about what you should be doing and why you think you should be doing it. This is based upon third dimensional rules and regulations. You can shift this and live now through the parameters of your soul’s divine plan that is based upon your passion and your mission and purpose in the lifetime. 

By surrendering to what is transpiring in your life right now and realize your attachments to the third dimensional realm, see your old belief systems and conditioning based in the third dimension, you can begin to shift and change and realize your meaning, value and purpose.

The Divine Soul Plan Paradigm is completely different from the Third Dimensional Paradigm. That paradigm is based for many in struggling to survive life. Creating a life that is based upon what you have been conditioned to live or what you were told life should be.  Perhaps seeking gratification and validation outside of your self. 

If you are on the pathway of self-mastery and moving within to the depth and breadth of your heart, shifting your perspective from outside of you to the inner aspects of you, this is the pathway to connect to your soul’s divine plan. By connecting to your heart and moving into the knowingness of who you are you will see that your destiny in this lifetime is world service. Being of service to those outside of you and supporting, guiding and helping others.

Most important though is connecting to the passion within you, the shining bright light inside of you and what brings you joy.

When you look outside of you at the old third dimensional paradigm does it bring you joy? 
What brings you the greatest amount of joy? 
Are you trying to keep up with what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm?
Is what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm important for you?
Is it important for you to connect to your soul’s divine plan and living your soul’s divine plan through your passion that brings you the greatest amount of joy?

If in fact you have chosen to walk the pathway as the wayshower and light worker, it is about utilizing your talents and gifts to express who you are out in the world. And to support, guide and assist others to raise their level of resonance and vibration.   The only way this can be accomplished is through joy. 

Thus it is about connecting to the depth and breadth of your heart space and releasing the layers of wounding from around your heart. Ask now, What brings me the greatest amount of joy? 

If you are toiling in your third dimensional life right now and life may seem like a life of drudgery, is this joy?  
Are you still struggling to survive life? 
Are you in relationships that lower your resonance and vibration? 
Do your relationships support your highest good?
What is your highest good? 

Many of you are moving through a transition period, perhaps moving to see the light within that will allow you to surrender to your soul’s divine plan. This will allow you to be who you are in the world knowing that you are loved for who you are. This is a love many of you are seeking. Many of you are chasing after love to bring you love. 

It is time to see if you are looking outside of you and living your life outside of you. Looking  outside of you at the third dimension and through the conditioning thinking about what you are supposed to be doing and what you should be doing in it. Thinking about what you should attain, quite possibly great wealth to become something you should be so you will be loved.   

Dear Ones, you are loved for who you are. Do you know who you are? 
Do you love, honor and value you so you can begin to make conscious choices for your highest good that will allow you to flourish and bring your talents and gifts to the world? So you can fully express the depth and breadth of the being-ness of you. 

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