Thursday, May 9, 2019



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

In the end, spiritual truth is an essential aspect of the healing for the maladies of disillusionment and discouragement of unhappiness, inequality, lack of harmony and balance in our world.
So why don’t more people accept this truth?
Many still believe that the total human condition/experience is mainly the product of physical environment and heredity. Right now, humanity is waking up to the reality, transcending religion into metaphysics
, moving beyond the ego’s ignorance, that the eternal spiritual aspect of us is the only true tool to our freedom from an unhealed self and a world filled with separation and confrontation.
Those who do not understand nor accept the above continue to ridicule or look with indifference at the current attempts to reawaken the intuitive divine sense within us all. These people have become so absorbed in earthly business that they have forgotten that this life is a trans-earthly one.
It is time if we so choose to realize the utter failure of modern times to keep the peace or create a world of equality, harmony and balance. Unguided by higher realm wisdom, we continue to make a majestic mess of things. Most religions are not fully applying the spiritual truths at their foundations; thus, a new spiritual urge has awakened to lend to us the wisdom and tools we need to. apply in our personal lives and world events.
Holding the unseen realities of existence at bay and continuing to teach and believe that only material matters mattered has kept the number of people accepting spiritual truth/history to limited groups (even today). But this has been the reality throughout much of human history. All the great spiritual teachers have had a small following during their time which grew later. Our evolution as a human species can seem slow in Earth time but not in Cosmic time where there is only the now moment.
Most world leaders concentrate their energy and time on political chaos, military and economic dramas, ignoring higher principles and neglecting to seek divine assistance to facilitate the needs of the people.  They are fixated on attempting to control what they did not create with little consciousness or compassion and feeling for others.
Spiritual truth, in the end is an essential part of the cure that ails us. This truth has been overlooked because its appeal ultimately rests upon intuitive acceptance felt deep within our hearts (requiring thinking with our hearts). The acceptance must be found in our hearts where our soul dwells. It is here within us our ultimate awakening is assured.  How and when we get there is up to us through our free will and choice.
If there were no divine soul within us it would be challenging to know the meaning, value and purpose of life. That inner essence promotes self-empowerment and the need to love and be loved.  Even the worst amongst us has this divine spark within us whether we access it or not.
 The function of spiritual wisdom is four-fold: (1)  to know there is a higher power, to sustain and use it, (2) to directly connect with this spiritual power and to hold it sacred, (3) to assist in making us more loving human beings, to uplift civilization, and (4) to relieve pain so it does not become long term suffering.
In reality, no one is really emotionally, and mentally healthy who is physically robust but spiritually stubborn.  When spirituality and moral-efforts vanish, our cultures collapse even though our techno innovations multiply. As we are now experiencing there is no real peace and no lasting harmony is possible.
The effects of disbelief in the existence of a divine power show themselves in many different ways, the worst being brutality, selfishness and falsehood becoming acceptable. Humanity is currently paying a heavy price for such one-sided development of our own thinking creating our reality.
The reality is that divine spiritual access is as available today as yesterday and free to everyone who chooses, no particular race, culture or nation holds sole possession.  Our higher selves will reveal its presence to all alike.
Most of the world’s negativity arises out of our tragic ignorance and not an innate badass gene. This ignorance arises out of our habitual identification of self with the physical body alone, utterly ignoring our larger, eternal divine side.  This separation between our consciousness and ego and soul has proven to be a fatal one. It is the root of all our separation, duality and confrontation.
To counter this ignorance and gradually remove it there are messengers and teachers chosen by higher realms to enlighten humanity. Our many books and the fifth dimensional teachings of my colleagues and I through The Angel News Network is one such endeavor amongst many worldwide.  Left to ourselves without the guidance of spiritual instructors and divine awakeners, humanity would lie in ignorance and impede our ascension progress into our destined higher realm reality.
We who have chosen and been chosen to be channels and messengers of the higher realms receive and give in equal balance trans-human cyphers put into modern verbal and written language. We are in effect spiritual warriors creating parallel paths beyond the negative forces impeding our advancement.
We channels and messengers often see that our counsel is rejected by many except a few but this does not stop us for expressing what we receive in many forthright ways.  We know our expressions have more than a personal value, meaning and purpose. Our work may be ushered in rather quietly at first, it may even escape notice for a time but the energetic fortitude of our work transcends the physical. We in human flesh are moving the often-spiritual inertia of humanity, even though slightly at first. Those ready to receive what we receive from higher realms respond in self-empowered ways and those trapped in the matters of the mind may be barely touched and need another life time to advance. What do you choose?