Friday, November 1, 2019



The last two months of this year combines into what is being called “The Year of Advancement,” by Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano. This a period of seeing the old aspects of ourselves coming to the surface, triggering old wounds of not feeling perfect, worthy or good enough.  It is the ‘shadow period’ and death and mourning of what no longer serves our higher good.

Michael continues by explaining to be alone and applying our past taught personal process tools we can release the old aspects of self which raises our frequency and vibration. By being alone he cautions us not to go into isolation but to feel our feelings fully and to request the support and love from others (by further opening our heart space) when needed. We are to explain to others what we are feeling and what we need to avoid others from trying to fix us or tell us what to do.

The aim is to be alone without being separate or isolated. In the aloneness, using previously taught tools, we can release the struggle to survive life. It’s all about revealing “the new me to me.”

“You are not alone in this world. There are those who will guide and support you simply by allowing you to be heard”, Michael reminds us.

We are asked to allow ourselves to be where we are while opening deeper aspects of ourselves to heal. It is all about an intimate, loving relation with self-reflected to others.  Again, these last two months of the year are all about intimacy with self and others and loving exactly where we are.

In order to allow deeper growth and expansion (through further opening  gateways of our hearts) we are asked to move from AVOIDANCE TO ALLOWANCE of life.

We are told that every moment we create in our lives has a purpose and is based upon our own divine soul plans (our purpose in being here). All of it is simply to allow us to grow! EVERY SITUATION IN OUR LIVES IS HAPPENING PERFECTLY,” Michael concludes.

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