Sunday, November 10, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

There is a Purpose for Everything in Your Life
Moving from Avoidance to Allowance

There is a purpose for everything. Yet, what many do is avoid the feelings they don’t like. Many live in a state of avoidance, constantly trying to avoid what doesn’t “feel good”.  What does this mean? What is good to you?  

If you look at everything that transpires in your life as having a purpose this will allow you to evolve into an individuated adult and utilize everything that transpires in your life for your highest good, your growth, and what you can learn from it. You can allow everything.  

It is about moving from a constant cycle of avoidance to a new cycle of allowance. 

Many live always seeking to avoid something, and situations in their life. What they are doing is trying to protect themselves to avoid something that might surface. They move into a place of protection. “I need to protect myself so I can avoid what may transpire in my life.” “ If something transpires in my life, I will have enough protection around me and then I can avoid what may transpire.”    

Many eventually see the folly of this. They will see the illusion. It is then you can begin to open your heart space, release the mask you have created to protect yourself, and move into the beingness of you. Then as situations transpire in your life, you can move within, utilize your tools, and utilize the situation for information, for growth. You can see how it triggers you and see your old behaviors as a reaction to what transpires in your life.  What many do is avoid the feelings that are triggered when something transpires in your life.  

Many live a life of avoidance, protecting themselves to avoid. They need to protect themselves so when something transpires they think they will be protected enough to avoid it.   

What you think you are protecting is your heart. But you are not. 

You are setting up a false mask, a false layer of energy around you where you think you are protected from anything that may transpire outside of you. “ I will be ready when something happens and I will be protected.”  You are never ready. 
You are ready when the gateway of your heart opens.  

Whatever transpires in your in your life that triggers your feelings ( your emotions )  allow yourself to begin to feel. There is always a purpose for whatever transpires in your life. That purpose is always to allow you to grow more deeply within you. 

There may be symptoms in your life that are triggering you. And as you are being triggered, can you open your heart and allow what is transpiring to do so and move into acceptance with compassion for it.  Then allow yourself to feel the feelings that surface.  

If you move from avoidance to allowance, you will grow more deeply within you and your relationships will grow exponentially based upon how open your heart is. 

There is always a purpose for everything that transpires in your life.  This goes along with your soul’s divine plan.  If in fact you need to create a wall, a mask for protection to avoid life, it is important to understand that you are never avoiding life. What transpires in your life is all based in your soul’s divine plan.  It all depends on how deeply you go within in your inner personal process to allow you to grow to a place where you can allow what transpires in your life and respond to it through love in your heart. 

By loving, honoring and valuing you, you can utilize this process. Simply look at what it transpiring in your life. Identify what it is triggering. Allow the feelings to surface, identify them and ask if you can accept with compassion where you are.
You may ask why this is happening to me? Instead, ask, Why is it happening for me?   

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