Monday, January 13, 2020


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Collective Consciousness of Nurturing, 
Support and Equality

It is time to release preparing. It is time to move out into the world with your message and express what you say you want. It is time to release the story of your life.  It is time to shift and change the old lifetimes that have come to the surface. It is time to move into a collective consciousness of nurturing each other. 
It is time to open your nurturing heart. Opening your heart to nurture others as they move into their blind spots.  It is about nurturing in collective consciousness. This is the assertive feminine energy of acceptance and compassion. It is an assertive energy of nurturing. It is time to be more assertive with your nurturing.  

It is also important to connect with the masculine energy within, and move out into the world assertively. In doing this it is also very important to connect and combine it with the feminine energy of compassion and acceptance.  If you focus on just one the masculine or feminine you will continue on a path of duality. It is most important to combine both the masculine and feminine energy now. As you connect with the healthy masculine energy of assertiveness within, this raises your resonance and vibration for your will for life, to have what you say you want, make a mark in the world, and stand for yourself. It is important to combine this with the assertive feminine of acceptance, compassion and nurturing. 

As you move out into the world assertively, you will inevitably hit a blind spot. This is when the assertive feminine moves in and opens your heart space with acceptance, compassion and nurturing. As you move out into the world with the premise of collective consciousness, it is always important to open your heart and nurture others along the way.  

It is time to see those for who they are in their wounding. 
Look at your governmental, political and corporate systems, to see their need for power and control. This is unhealthy. If you can look at your life, where might you need power and control, perhaps in a relationship? The thinking is, if I have power and control over it then I am superior to it. 

When moving in a collective consciousness of community and equality it is important to know that each individuated adult is unique and of equal value. Their self expression, truth and what they have to give is important. This is the message now and what you demand in your life. Within this is responsibility and accountability. It is about being your message. 

As you look at what you want in your life it is about having it.  Are you opening your heart space and welcoming this into your life and ready for it to have it? It is about assertively opening your heart, standing in the truth of having what you say you want and assertively receiving it. What We mean by this is receiving more deeply than you ever have before without protecting yourself. It is about knowing what you want and opening your heart space to have it.  For many, the reason why you haven’t had what you say you want is because you are protecting yourself through the wounds of the child. 

You have enough tools now and have created nurturing relationships. Thus when a blind spot shows itself, and you begin to feel deep feelings from the wounds of the child, and move closer to what you say you want, it is important to utilize these tools and connect with each other. This will support you to move you through the blind spot and keep you moving forward as the individuated adult to have what you say you want.   This is a collective consciousness of nurturing, support, guidance and equality.

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