Monday, January 6, 2020


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for 2020

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as  you now transition into your new year of 2020. A year of the full expression of you, standing in your power, knowing who you are, being who you are, and affecting change in your life and the world outside of you. Bringing your modalities, endeavors, your talents and gifts out into the world in a greater way that you have ever known.  Most important, it is a year to create the essence and truth of collective consciousness. Connecting with like minded, like soul’d, like heart’d individuals who carry the essence and beingness of who they are out into the world and raise the resonance and vibration.  

As you move from 2019 into 2020 it is a transition into raising your resonance and vibration. It is a transition into connecting with those who resonate and vibrate as you, who have the same goals, mission and purpose and create relationships in collective consciousness.  It is a collective consciousness of love, peace, community, harmony, equality. 

You are now moving from the feminine energy and transitioning into a more assertive masculine energy. Your year of 2020 is a year of asserting yourself out into the world, it is a year of assertiveness.  

Many characterize the masculine energy as being aggressive. You see this out in your world. Many are balancing the feminine and masculine energy within. When you integrate the feminine energy you move to a new level of compassion and acceptance of self.  The healed or healthy definition of the feminine energy is compassion and acceptance. It is important now to be more assertive with your compassion and acceptance and continue with this throughout your year of 2020. Be more assertive with the compassion and acceptance of self. As you become more assertive with compassion and acceptance of self you will become more assertive outside of you with compassion and acceptance of others.  With this said, it is now most important to connect deeper within and connect to the masculine self, the healthy or healed masculine energy of assertiveness. By doing so you can move out into the world more assertively and have more of what you say you want. 
You can now bring you out into the world more assertively saying, “ I am now bringing me and who I am in the full beingness of me along with my talents and gifts and this is what I want.”  

Your year of 2020 is a year of expressing the full beingness of who you are and move out into the world more assertively, bringing yourself to the world and open your heart through the assertiveness of compassion and acceptance and begin to receive what you say you want.  It is about opening your heart to bring in what you say you want and opening the doorways to a full realization of the balance of giving and receiving.  It is about looking at your giving and looking at your receiving and moving assertively out into the world giving your talents, gifts and abilities and opening your heart to assertively receive. 

In many ways the year of 2020 is about truth, the truth of what you say you want. It is about being your message, being what you are saying.  If you are saying what you want in your life, what you are seeking in your life is this, it is now about opening your heart and honoring this. Being your message.   It is now time to have what you want and be more assertive and move out into the world to create what you want.  Having what you want in the full expression of the beingness of you. 

As you move through your year of 2020 it is about connecting more deeply with the masculine energy within you. Moving out into the world stating, “This is what I want, this is who I am being and I am now opening my heart to receive have what I say I want”.  It is about adhering to your truth and the truth of your being.  If your truth is what you say you want, it is now about having it. It is about releasing speaking about it. It is now speaking it in your truth assertively, opening your heart space to receive it and have it.   

As you move out into the world in collective consciousness and look at the world outside of you at your political, governmental and corporate systems, it is time to see it for what it is. It is not about shifting and changing it in the physical, it is about assertively bringing you in collective consciousness to energetically shift the resonance and vibration. This is what you are shifting and changing.  You are not changing the structure of the old world of form, you are shifting the resonance and vibration of it.  

As you shift and change your resonance and vibration, you begin to shift and change the resonance and vibration outside of you.  It is about making a choice. You have a choice to shift and change your resonance, to look at your relationships that no longer resonate for you and make the choice to shift and change it.  

You are now moving into a year of taking great responsibility for yourself and in turn a greater responsibility in collective consciousness with what you are bringing to the world. So it is important to look outside of you and see where you are being responsible for yourself. 

As you look at the world outside of you, you are seeing greater irresponsibility.  This irresponsibility is people speaking and being irresponsible for what they are saying and what they are doing.  If in fact you are moving within, living your truth in the powerfulness and beingness of you and who you are, and being responsible for you, it is time to look outside of you and hold others accountable for taking responsibility for themselves.  This is moving in a collective consciousness of responsibility and accountability. 

It all comes back to you. Where are you accountable for what you say and what you do? Where are you taking responsibility for what you have said and what you are saying?  Are you taking full responsibility for your actions? If you hold yourself accountable and being self responsible, then you are standing in a powerfulness you have never known before. 

When you move out into the world in collective consciousness with those who are doing and being this, like minded individuals who resonate and vibrate at this level, it is time to demand responsibility and accountability from others because this is what you demand of yourself and what you know. The collective consciousness stands in this power.  

“If I am standing in the powerfulness of myself, being a responsible, individuated adult, unique unto myself, and hold myself accountable for what I say, what I do and my actions, and this is who I am in my truth, this is what I demand and require from an other.”   

It is now about moving in a collective conscious of this to demand it and require of those outside of you. 

Your year of 2020 is a year of choices, choices that are important in your world globally in the macrocosm and in your political, governmental and corporate systems.  If you are demanding accountability and responsibility, it is important is collective consciousness to demand it of others. This is important to you.

“If I am an individuated adult, fully expressing my truth to the world, and taking responsibility for my word, my actions, holding myself accountable, I now demand this of others.”

This is a most important aspect of your year of 2020. Demanding accountability and responsibility. 

If you are holding yourself accountable and responsible for you, you are moving from the wounded child directing your life into an individuated adult. Releasing survival consciousness that is a docile consciousness, into a more assertive consciousness with the masculine energy moving into abundance. 

So it is now time to stand in the powerfulness of you as you move through your year of 2020. It will be a year where energy will be dipping and raising in increments almost monthly. Energy will raise to a crescendo and lower to a crescendo. 

The illusion of duality has been created in the world outside of you. It is a year of releasing isolation and separation and duality within you. It is a coming together in the full beingness of you. See where you isolate and separate yourself, hold yourself in duality, either / or, right or wrong, good or bad.  It is about shifting this as you move along in 2020. 

It all relates to collective consciousness.  It is a collective consciousness of healthy, individuated adults, moving assertively out into the world bringing their messages, endeavors, modalities, out into the world that raises the resonance and vibration of the world. And also educates those to see where they hold themselves as different, on a higher level than others, thus separating themselves from others. 

Your year of 2020 is a coming together of like minded individuals, perhaps creating new soul families in a collective consciousness to bring your world together in peace, love, community, harmony and equality. 

As you move through your year on a month by month basis, you will see energy ebb and flow, raise and lower. As you move from 2019 into 2020, your energy is shifting within you. You are seeing the old in your life more clearly before your eyes. Many lifetimes of old behaviors, of wounding coming to the fore at the end of 2019 that is in the process of being released. 

As you honor and value you, you can ask yourself, Am I ready to have what I say I want?  Am I ready to release telling my story of what I say I want? As you continue telling your story, you remain in resistance to what you say you want and in resistance of opening your heart space to have it.  

It is now about being in relationship with others. What We mean by being, is opening your heart space and allowing an other in. This is being in the relationship as opposed to holding the relationship at arms length to protect yourself from something that the wounded child needs to express to you. 

It is about releasing protection, releasing the need to protect yourself. 
What are you protecting yourself from? Protecting your heart space? 
Are you continually preparing yourself? 
Many are continually preparing. It is time to release this. 
Preparing allows you to stay protected.  
It is time to move from your mental body to your heart space.  We have been stressing this to you over and over again. 
It is time now to have what you say you want. 
It is time now to be who you are.
It is time to grow into the infinite, wonderful most glorious child of God that you are.   


As you move into your month of January of 2020, it is the beginning. It is a month to assimilate all of the new information WE have given you along with the new energies moving in. It is a time to look into the mirror and ask if you are accepting and compassionate for you. Ask what you demand of you. Are you responsible? Do you hold yourself accountable?

By looking at this, you release the armor around your heart space that holds you in a place of duality, separation, and isolation.

Your month of January is the starting point. 

Throughout your year of 2020 on a monthly basis, the energies will ebb and flow, shift and change. As you move through 2020 energetic systems will come into balance, and balance giving and receiving.  

January is the opening to all of this. 

We know We have giving you a lot to think about. We know what We are demanding of you is for you to move into the fully individuated, unique adult that you are and hold yourself responsible and accountable for you.

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