Sunday, February 23, 2020

Archangel Michael Speaks: What Gives You Joy? Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano
What Gives You Joy?

This message is about JOY! Are you enjoying your life? Are you enjoying who you are being in your life? Do you enjoy being where you are in your life right now? Are you enjoying the path of moving forward towards what you say you want? 
Or do you still struggle to survive aspects of your life, and perhaps fight lack and limitation because this fight is familiar to you? Is it possible you are confusing joy with safety and security? 
Ask these questions:
“What is joy for me?”

“Is there joy in my life?”

“Can I see aspects of myself that I love and feel joy?”

“Do I judge and shame parts of myself?”

“Can I look at my talents and gifts and feel joy?”

“Do I judge and shame my talents and gifts?”

You have done exploration to discover who you are and in doing so, do you now take joy in knowing who you are?
Do you continue to indulge those feelings which you have long resisted and avoided by perpetuating old patterns, habits, rituals, and attachments to relationships where your needs are not being met? 
Do your current relationships bring you joy or do they enable you to keep sinking into your feelings and perpetuating old habits, patterns, and rituals? 
Is there a relationship in your life that is a perpetuation of an old pattern, habit, and ritual? If your answer to this is yes, where are you in this and where are you attached to the old? 
Joy is a natural state of being. Does being you bring you joy yet? 
The task now at hand is to consider: “What is joy for me?” 
Write down everything that joy is and means for you. Describe your joyousness in detail from every situation you can remember. 
If you choose to do this, it is most important that you fully immerse yourself within, for this exercise is a tough one for most people. You are likely to hear voices in your head that will come up to edit and censor your joy for you. Feelings that you have long avoided, ignored, and denied will surface. 
What do you feel? What is your first reaction whenever you begin to feel joy? And what are the feelings that are coming up now? 
Write down the word “joy” on a piece of paper, and then write down all the feelings that arise simply from having written down this word. What immediately comes up? Do you hear voices guiding you to deny the fulfillment of what you say you want? 
Joy simply means feeling fulfilled within the depth and breadth of your heart. You experience it by filling yourself up with you—by knowing who you are, by being who you are, and by feeling all of your feelings. Joy is you fulfilled by knowing what your talents and gifts are and knowing that you are giving these to the world just by being you. 
Although joy is stimulated by the people and situations around you, it is never received from the outside. Joy is fulfillment from within. Joy is not learned. It cannot be taught. It just is. You naturally are joy.
Having looked at your joy, how much do you love yourself now? 

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