Tuesday, February 25, 2020


We are discussing the teachings on tyrants. This is no 32. He describes what is energetically taking place with Trump who attracts people of the same energy like parasites. I think it would be a good idea to distribute it thru social media.  Look at the whole discussion if you like. It is loaded with wisdom. 

J: 32: What political, cultural, religious and racial dynamite do tyrants use to their advantage that might become the key to their own personal success in a hostile, shifting world?
SG: I think you know the answer to that. What is it?
J: Fear
SG: And hatred. Hatred and fear of self. Hatred, which is the lack of love, and fear of self is why your beloved brother Michael has been teaching for many decades on this planet the importance of a loving relationship with self and having that mirror and picture out to others. So the tyrant personality, the tyrant intention, if you will, connects that aspect of themselves, the hatred of self, that lack of love of self ,and attaches that, like a parasite, onto humanity. And attracts and entrains the energy of those who feel the same way—not being good enough, not being worthy enough. Soon that aspect, and the other individuals through their hatred, say that’s the person I’m going to allow to lead me to my truth, to give me what I need. Daddy take care of me. Do you understand?
J: That is a powerful description. We can see that going on with many of Trump’s supporters.
SG: It is exactly what is taking place. That is energetically what is taking place. He is inflicting his wounds and his ego defenses of not being good enough, worthy enough and the self-hatred. It’s why he cannot tolerate any criticism of self and mirroring that and projecting it out into the masses that feel the same way about themselves, and that’s their resonance. That’s why he can do and say anything no matter how outrageous and untruthful it is. What keeps them connected is that lack of loving self. It is an electro-magnetic pull, a parasitic pull.
J: It is the law of attraction where you attract to you the vibration you create and send out. 

SG: A parasitic pull, an aspect of the law of attraction indeed. 

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