Wednesday, June 3, 2020

WHAT IS MINE TO DO? By Jeff Fasano

What is Mine to Do?
Jeff Fasano

I am writing this today with deep sadness and anger due to what I see and feel happening in this country. I am trying to keep my spiritual wits about me. The divide, the racial divide in this world is so deep. We are in the midst of chaos and I am trying to find what is mine to do? I am not so sure.

This just may be another step into seeing what is truly important in my life. 

I am a privileged white man. Right now talking about going within and looking at our process doesn’t seem so important. Yet, I surmise that is what is needed right now. Yet I am angry, very angry. The question is, what can we as a collective do? 

If I look within my heart at the teachings of Archangel Michael, he has always asked us to look at what is happening in the world to see what resonates and what doesn’t. Yet is it that simple? Most of what is transpiring in the world in the third dimension doesn’t resonate for me. And now what I see has triggered a deep anger in me. It is the antithesis of every bit of my truth. 

What came up for me is my father. I guess on some level I was blessed to have a father who in his own way experienced racism growing up Italian in Brooklyn in the 1930’s and 40’s. Back in those days he told me that Irish folks looked down upon Italians with hate and as lower class. He told me of his experiences. One as a 12 year old and young teenager after shining a man’s shoes the man refused to pay him and spat upon him uttering derogatory terms of his being Italian.  My father did not follow the path of hate and always taught my brother and I we are all equal and no one is different than us. I grew to know nothing but acceptance of all and why I am so sad today. My father used to say, “why can’t people just leave people be?” 
I remember back to after 9/11 he and I standing in front of the ruins of the World trade Center, buildings he watched built though his office window across the street at 90 West St.  He looked up and I saw the tears streaming down his face and he said “when will all this end?” “I thought I saw it all.” 

That is how I feel right now. When will all this end?

Nothing much seems appropriate right now. Nothing seems as important as what is happening right now. 

Archangel Michael tells us that we are all living our life according to our divine plan as is the universe, the planet and this country. Everything as it should be. Yet what remains is our choice within it. 

My heart aches at the great divide in this world. 
As we know in our own process personally, when there is chaos it leads to a darkness, the dark night of the soul. My feeling is that is where we are headed as a collective right now. It is always darkest before the dawn. We have to move through the shadow to get to the light. Yet, I am still at a loss for where we are and what to do and why I am writing this. In truth I am removed from this in a way and feel helpless with a need to do something. And I feel the sadness and anger of the collective.   

These are challenging times. What I do know through this, many are revealing who they are. The global pause has separated and isolated us. Perhaps now as we move through the chaos, the dark night of the soul, we can come together as one. Finally see the illusion of the 3D. As Michael says, “the illusion of our political, governmental and corporate systems”. 

What is transpiring in the world right now doesn’t resonate for me, most of it never really has. I live outside of the mainstream world, always have. Yet here I sit looking at what is happening in the world that is not based in peace, love, community, harmony and equality. The only conclusion I can come up with right now is to have my feelings and see what is being triggered within me. Perhaps re-defining or moving to a deeper level of understanding of what is truly important in my life. What I want to say with my life moving forward.  

Yet the question right now that remains is what is mine to do?

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