Saturday, June 13, 2020



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
This is a partial iteration and extension of the SEVEN PATHS TO ASCENSION previously received from the once human Ascended Masters higher realms. (who have mastered and applied these decrees and are once again now sharing them with we humans).  In-depth details of these decrees are available to all who seek them. We are all in process to mastering these. Let us accept, where we each are, within these, is perfect, and where we need to be, as we advance.

1.     Love for all beings.
2.     Release all unhealed selfless ego wounds, making service to planet and others a priority.
3.     To heal our emotional and mental bodies so our dense, lower self may transmute into our higher spiritual life.
4.     To honor the macrocosm, the universe of which the microcosm, our world is but an infinitesimal part.
5.     To know our true origin; to study Higher
  Records (Halls of Wisdom) of humanity, and beyond.
6.     To refrain from taking life, to do no harm. Progress into becoming vegetarian (vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts).
7.     To master the universal power of speech and silence. To be pure in emotion and thoughts, accurate in the unspoken and spoken word. Skillful of our being into doing.
8.     Constantly focus on increasing our frequency through raising our consciousness. This requires positive emotions, thoughts, meditation and service.
9.     To unite with a collective conscious community based upon: (a) unity of purpose, (b) oneness of vibration, (c) past and present life karmic links, grand reunion, (d) ability to work together in love, equality, harmony and balance.
10.To research and study how higher work: (a) the purpose of sound, (b) master esoteric meaning of words, grammar, syntax, (c) master energy laws of vibration, electricity and neutronics.
11.To control our sex impulses, to move the energy that vitalizes the generative organs to higher chakras, transmuting love energy to our heart center, to learn to think with our hearts.
12.To use our hands and hearts in service to the planet and others; ultimately, we are all here to love and support one another.
13. Experience our ascension path through our three major senses. Through listening, touching and seeing maintain and sustain our individual journey to ascension.
14.Four final areas to master:  (a) Master energetic laws of radiation, (b) master the laws of magnetization, (s) Transmute the science of alchemy into healing self.

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