Thursday, November 12, 2020


                                                   Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


The World 2020

A Message for November 2020


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into new parameters on your earthly plain as the energies continue to move in as you move to the middle of your month of November.  Moving into the depth of the heart space more deeply and allowing the energies to solidify in your physical body and your earthly plain in your life so you can maintain and sustain where you have ascended to within you and where you are ascending to on your earthly plain and your world.  


When the energies began to move into your earthly plain back in August then through September, October and now into November, they moved deep within your chakra system into the willful body, your first chakra and began to release all of the old. The old shame and judgment and wounding and old aspects of the old self began to release. 


What these energies were proposing to do was for you to move within to the depth and breadth of your self, as well as the depth and breadth of the world outside of you to begin to dredge out all of the old and bring it to the surface. This has transpired within many and continues to do so and you are seeing that in the world outside of you.   


You are creeping into your month of November and these energies are beginning to slow down. They continue to move in and will begin to come to a halt and solidify into a foundation when you move to the midpoint of November.  The energies will remain for another year’s time and will begin to facilitate the shift in the physical body. The energies that will move in, solidify and remain to support the new.  They will support the new you and hold in place the new you. 

The energies will serve as a support system for the new as the new continues to evolve.  And as the new you continues to evolve, it will allow you to become a self supporting individual utilizing these energies that will remain from mid November 2020 to mid November 2021.  


This will be a slow step by step process.  You can see this from a personal stand point by taking a look at the process and time it has taken you to become the spiritual being you are now living a multi dimensional experience. This is what these energies were geared to do.  Releasing the old dense vibrational energy that resided within you so you can move into a light being. A being of light to release the old dense vibrational energy that resided in your physical body This is why the energies moved into your first chakra to begin clearing there and moved upward clearing as it did, to where many are now living in their heart space. So now you can differentiate between the wounded child and the adult.  


What you are seeing outside of you are remnants of the wounded child portrayed to you. 


As you move into the month of November, things are beginning to slow down. They are slowing down within you so you can move into the beingness of who you are.  Many are now realizing that is it most important to be who you are than your doing, than what you are speaking. Demonstrating in the fiber of your being who you are as opposed to having to constantly do to prove who you are. This is shifting and changing for many. 


You are moving through cracking the ego mask, releasing it and in many ways deconstructing your defense systems. 


When these energies began moving in, in your month of August, it was the beginning of deconstructing your nervous system and your defense system. Due to this, many are realizing that their defense system is no longer needed.  When you deconstruct the defense system which deconstructs the nervous system, you begin to move into a full beingness of who you are and knowing it. As well as honoring and valuing who you are to simply being it. No longer needing to prove who you are. You are also finding that you no longer need to speak incessantly because the energy has shifted where you no longer need to push your energy outside of you. You are moving into a solidified place of self intimacy and releasing the fight for separation and isolation.  


As We have said to you before, it is about creating a new collective conscious. But it begins with your self. These energies that have moved in beginning in August are now slowing down and will come to halt in mid November and be utilized as a support system that will begin a new foundation of a collective consciousness. 


As you look at your self, look to see if you still need to do to prove who you are. See if you have grown inside the depth and breadth of you where you can be who you are. As you honor and value you more deeply, you can then begin to move into a collective consciousness within you.  It is a consciousness of love, value, intimacy.

The period of time from August through September and October allowed you to move into a great depth of intimacy within you self that you have never known. To  face the depth and breadth of your wounding, your defense system, the depth and breadth of who you thought you were and face shame and judgment of self.  All of this coming into your consciousness and realizing that is simply the wounded child. You can differentiate between the wounded child and the adult.  As you move into a place of acceptance and compassion for where you are, see what is transpiring in your life then in turn looking out into the world with more acceptance and compassion for where others are in their process of life. Releasing the projection out in the world of who they should be, what they should be doing and realizing that as you are, they are doing the best they can based upon the tools they have and where they are in their in the process of their personal life and their well beingness.  


Each and every one of you is moving to a new place of personal well beingness. As you have allowed these energies to move within with a consciousness and awareness of what is transpiring, you will now be able to move out into the world emanating a light filled energy of who they are. Emanating that light out into the world without the need to discern what steps you think you need to take so you will be loved. This is because you have now moved to a place within you of self love, self awareness and a self consciousness of who you are. You can now release being what others thought you should be, what you think others would love, and something and someone that you are not. You can now move into a place of who you truly are in the depth and breadth of your heart space.  


As you do this you can begin to separate your self from the low dense vibrational energy of the third dimensional realm. By doing this you can simply look out into the world and ask, what does resonate for me and what doesn’t? And as We say this to you now you now realize what this means. The only way you can understand what this means is if you shifted inside of your self to know what resonates for you is what doesn’t resonate for you. Many now through this process that began at the beginning of August through this month of November have shifted and changed their resonance and vibration and are releasing their attachments to the third dimensional realm. Many are detaching themselves from the third dimensional realm and moving to a multi-dimensional experience. They then can observe what is transpiring in the world outside of themselves and use what they observe to move deep within to solidify the truth of their beingness and who they are. 


Your year of 2020 is a year of seeing the untruths, the truths and illusions within your self and in the third dimensional realm.


Through this process that began in August through your month of November, your personal illusions of who you thought you should be have been revealed. You are now moving into the depth and breadth of the beingness of who you are. And through this beingness, detaching your self from what you no longer need to attach your self to outside of you. Moving into a self knowingness in the depth of your heart, your adult space of who you truly are being. 


So We ask you now to look at how much you are doing in the world outside of you and how much you are being you.  This may be new for you. 


Very interesting you might say. I am not quite sure but I am finding a wonderful solitude of beingness within my self. I am finding my self integrated among those outside of me without the need to fight for my isolation and separation because I shamed and judged me. 


The fight is over Dear Ones. You no longer need to fight for anything much less fight for your self. Proving is no longer a viable response any more. 


Move into your beingness in the depth and breadth of who you are and let that energy out into the world through the beingness of you.  

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