Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Joel Anastasi interviews the Ascended Master Council of 12 channeled by Phillip Collins
Here are the Council’s key points:
. We are seeing the dying of the old and the creation of the new. The races of mankind have been blending for ages. We are becoming “super mutts.” The idea of white supremacy is fading throughout the world. The attack by a largely white mob on the U. S. capitol was “a fight to the death to hold on to the old.”
.  The U.S. was founded on the principles of equality, harmony and balance and has stood as a beacon of light to spread those qualities around the world. That is why much of the world responded with shock to the events in Washington.
. Trump created separation through his own wounding, which gave permission to his followers to act out in a violent way. There must be consequences so that their unhealed behavior must not be normalized. 
. Nevertheless, the solution lies in allowing these people to heal by giving them an opportunity be heard without labeling them “the enemy.”  Their rage, in essence, represents “a cry for help, for love, to be understood.” For the reality in this country in recent decades is that the majority of the population has continually lost ground economically while a small elite has prospered. The new administration needs to create economic programs that help restore dignity, respect and opportunity to the working classes of America. 

. Over the next six months untruths will be exposed with the help of the higher realms. America has taken a step backward, but it has the tools to learn to love and have compassion for one another, so it can create a nation and world of communities based on the building block of love--allowing equality, harmony and balance. 

Audio to come soon...

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