Saturday, January 9, 2021




By Council of Twelve Ascended Masters, Telos, Lemuria

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans,

What you are experiencing on the surface of your planet is the dying of the old and the creation of the new.

Your planet was seeded by many root races that are now merging into one unified human race. There will no longer be one ‘white’ race thinking they are superior to other races attempting to control the world.  But you cannot control what you did not create. Through your intermarriages you have exchanged enough racial DNA to now be morphing into one divine ‘super mutt’ race; reflecting your spiritual DNA.

The chaos and confrontation that you are experiencing around the entire planet is based upon those who once thought themselves in control now fighting through fear, to the death, to hold onto the old.

There is nothing to fear dear spiritual beings having this human experience. What is happening cannot be stopped. It is time to trust and surrender and know all is in divine order and purpose to create a racially unified planet allowing the creation of nations and communities based upon universal love allowing equality, harmony and balance for all which is at hand.  (the basis for the creation of the United States of America, now being a beacon of light for others).

We Ascended Masters who were once human like you are showing you the pathway of you becoming us by raising your consciousness, and vibration in order to ascend into the higher realms of creation where we reside. This is your divine destination and destiny.   All of our teachings and tools are available to you by merely asking. One source among many is the channel we are coming through now :

Our Council is composed of the twelve of us who assist and maintaining a balance upon your planet.  In spite of how things may appear now, without out efforts you would have destroyed yourselves long ago.

It is time we directly connect for those of you who resonate with this message and its source. That will not be all of you but those through your soul plans who choose to be and do so.


Led by High Priest Adama, Telos, Lemuria

El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lady Nada,, Lord Sananda, St. Germain,  Master Kuthumi, Lord Maittreya,  and Sanat Kumara.






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