Sunday, February 7, 2021


                                                Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


  A Message for February 2021


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into a new parameter in the third dimensional realm that is coinciding with multidimensional energies moving into the earthly plain at this time. Many are moving into balance with fifth dimensional energies and third dimensional energies. The energies moving in are now enhancing the life beingness of each individual soul who is moving on a path of self mastery and moving in congruence with fifth dimensional energy. Those who are now moving in a multi-dimensional existence knowing who they are in their physical bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, are connecting with like minded souls and moving into this multi-dimensional existence in the third dimensional plain as the human in the world today.  


The energies that moved into your earthly plain in August 2020 were specifically designed to move into your physical body to bring up the old. Many of you who experienced this in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body on a multi-dimensional level and allowed the old dense, low vibrational wounding to come to the surface and still possibly going through the process, are now moving to a new soul existence. You are moving to a new level of a soul incarnation in the physical sense of you in the third dimensional realm. You are moving to a new level of soul development and new level of soul connectiveness. Many are having a revelation of the soul. Many are moving to new depth of understanding, honoring, valuing and loving themselves like they never have before. Many are moving into the full adult self where they are differentiating from the wounded child and the adult in the soul space. 


So you are now moving in a soul existence and releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. What We are giving you is an overview of where you are now as you have released your attachments to the third dimensional realm. 


You are now living a soul replenished life within you where there are no or minimal  attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. Thus what you see in third dimensional realm is the illusion and myth of the low dense vibrational energy of it.  And you are moving into a multi-dimensional experience and life opening now to a fifth dimensional existence. This is where you are in the process of your life in your human incarnation.  You are living the soul experience and having the soul experience. 


You can look now at your relationships. Are you having a soul experience? Are you connected on a soul level or is it a linear attachment that is based on the third dimensional world of form? 


As you move into your month of February what is transpiring is a revelation period. You are now moving through a soul revelation. A revelation in your heart space of who you truly are. We are speaking now to the enlightened ones, those who have committed to a self mastery process. A personal process of moving within where you can release your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. Perhaps now seeing where you have looked to the mythical, defied leader to lead you to the promise land. In many ways the wounded child still looking outside of itself to mom and dad. Are you still doing that? Many are realizing this and moving to a new consciousness and awareness within themselves where they are no longer attached to what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm right now in your year of 2021. 


You see it for what it is. It no longer has an affect on you to where it dictates your life. You are now living an autonomous, soul revealed life within you where you can be in the third dimensional realm and not of it. This is something you have heard many times. 


You are now moving into a soul revelation, moving in life from a soul perspective you have never had before. This is what is transpiring for many as you move into your month of February. A month of living in your heart space and identifying who you truly are in the depth and breadth of your soul’s divine plan.    


The only way you can truly live your soul’s divine plan is by releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. Release living in a linear connection to a third dimensional energy that is not of your resonance and vibration. By releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm where you are not living in a linear connectedness to the third dimension you move into your soul space and into the true resonance and vibration of who you are as a multi-dimensional being. Thus opening up to living a multi-dimensional experience and allowing the energies from the fifth dimensional realm to move in. 


Higher vibrational energies from the fifth dimensional realm are now moving into your earthly plain that will be your guide. They will enlighten your pathway and illuminate it. You will be able to connect to like minded, like soul’ed individuals on a soul basis. In many ways calling in your soul connections as those soul connections will call you. 


It is about releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. Releasing your story. Releasing your agenda in life. Releasing the agenda of what you thought your life should be and who you should be connecting with. This is based upon linear aspects of the third dimension. What will this get me? Where can I move to? How will I attain more things? How can I make more money?  All of that will simply transpire when you move into a greater soul connectiveness of self. 


Look to see how much time you are spending in your mental body attached to the third dimensional realm as opposed to how much time you spend in your heart space detached, unattached from the third dimensional realm and the outcomes of it. You can now spend more time in your heart space connecting to multi-dimensional energy and allowing your soul plan to develop. Thus in charge of your life and viewing your life from a soul perspective.    


By letting go of the linear third dimensional attachments to see where what is transpiring in the world dictates your life as opposed to see what is transpiring in the world is affecting your life. There is a difference. Since you have incarnated into the human condition, what transpires in the third dimensional world will affect you. If you look at it from a soul perspective, it affects you to heal an aspect of yourself. It affects you in a way that allows you to be more of who you are.   Many now are beginning the process of moving within and living their lives in the third dimensional realm unattached to it and living life from a soul perspective. It is then you will be able to affect those outside of you in a more profound way be allowing yourself to be who you are. 

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