Sunday, February 21, 2021




From the Hall of Records, with Adama, Father of Humanity

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

After your reason to be here is fulfilled, desires, aspirations, longings and ideals have been mostly experienced, you then reach a point in your present incarnational cycle, a last stage called ‘maturity’.  You begin to know and feel the ‘inadequacy’ of remaining in physical form.  You are preparing to return to your eternal, non-physical being which can never die.

Then comes the happy release which you call death, that great moment in which the ‘spirit in prison’ escapes from the confining walls of its physical form (the silver cord that maintains spirit and body is broken).   Beloved Children your ideas about death have been all wrong, you have looked upon it with great dread and fear. The truth is in reality it is your GREAT ESCAPE, the entrance into a more expanded measure of reality and your release from a very limited form of existence when has completed its purpose in this life time. Remember you can always come back, if you so choose.

All your erroneous teachings and thoughts must inevitably disintegrate so that you can manifest a better more satisfactory means of expressing life and more fully activate your soul plan, your purpose in being here.

You all came from the same Source and ultimately will return to it fulfilling The Law of Oneness after being a diversified, inadequate version of that Oneness. The Source you came from is intelligent Love and the fulfillment of that Love is for you to become that Love.

Let us know and remember there is no such thing as death, even every atom has eternal life and you are composed of those atoms.  Each one of you is an expression of the indwelling entity of eternal life.  Thus, you now have a better understand of yourself and perhaps more of the mystery of death being life has been revealed, again.  



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