Saturday, April 17, 2021



                                                     WHEN WE SPIRITUALLY SHARE

When we spiritual teachers share let us think with our hearts and know it is for the common good of all. 


  While this frequency may be called an illusion; it is an illusion we must master in order to evolve beyond it.  There is no escaping here by pretending it’s just an illusion or just saying we are all one.   Spiritual science and its wisdom need to be known and applied in order for us to ascend from the densest frequency within the universal plane. This requires much dedication and determination.


Let us be extremely careful as we share 'advice' that there is no controlling, ego, or being right or validation of ourselves in our sharing (which some spiritual leaders fall victim). Let us also recognize the many others who are doing work similar to ours, and that sources can be right and wrong.




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