Sunday, July 11, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Message for July 2021



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into a new parameter in your life, opening up new doors in your life and moving into a grounded-ness within your-self. Many are now moving into a greater loving, honoring and valuing themselves. 


When We came to you with our overview for your month of June, We said to you that We will be bringing you three small bodies of teachings about, love, honor and value. We began this series in your month of June and spoke to you about value. Valuing your-self, your relationships, valuing your-self in relationships, it was an overall value of self. Valuing your talents, gifts and abilities. 


Now as you move into your month of July We will speak to you about the aspect of love. Loving your-self, the depth and breadth of your-self, loving the fact that you are valuing your-self.  Moving into the depth and breadth of loving your-self. 


We now ask each and every one of you, What does love mean to you?  What is your definition of love? 


It is deeply rooted in the depth and breadth of your heart space and your soul space. Love is your truth it is your innate truth. For the world love can be skewed for many. The definition of love has been skewed through many millennium. So it is important that you move within your heart space and redefine love for your-self. When you define love for your-self right now you will then find where you are in relationship to it. 


So as We began in your month of June asking you to look at your value, We are now going to ask you to look at your love of self. When We have come to speak you to many times in the past,  We have always asked you, Do you Love, Honor and Value you? We began with value and now We move to love. Loving in the depth and breadth of your heart space.


How much do you care for your-self.

How much do you care for your mental, emotional and physical bodies? 

How do you take care of your physical body, your emotional body and your mental body?


This all begins with love. 

What are you ingesting into your physical body? 

How are you taking care of your-self emotionally? 

This is all based in love of self. 

How you treat your-self, and how you treat others?


Are you treating your-self with compassion and acceptance that is the basis of love. 


As you move now into your month of July, many are moving into a greater depth of loving themselves, caring for themselves, valuing themselves. It all comes down to love. The love of self and the love of others. The love of your environment. 


Are you moving into a greater depth of peaceful-ness within your-self that is based in love?


The basis, the foundation is love. 

How deeply do you love your-self?

What is love for you?


Love is not something tangible that you can hold on to. It is not something you smell. It is not something you speak to others for that is just an expression of love. Love just is. It is an energy in the depth and breadth of your soul space. It is your innate truth and the foundation of your truth. Love is the foundation of your truth. It is then followed by peace, community, harmony and equality. But it all begins with love. 


There is a difference of being In Love with an other which is simply just an expression of your feelings toward an other. That is when an other allows you to feel in the depth and breadth of your heart space. This is why We ask you to look at your relationships. Is there a balance of giving and receiving? Is there a balance in communication? Is there balance in the relationship? Do you champion each other’s highest good? Do you communicate with each other lovingly and compassionately? Do you honor and value each other’s needs?  


When you can see this balance in relationships, when you see that the relationship raises the depth and breadth of your highest good, it is then that you will see love and you will know love. It is then that love is expressed to an other. When an other honors, you, hears you, acknowledges you it opens a space in your heart. Not in the physical heart space but an aspect beneath the heart space that you begin to feel within you. And this is a feeling of love. 


It is then you express this to an other and you define it as love. 

I am expressing my feelings that are surfacing inside of me for you that you illicit in me based upon the equal balance of giving and receiving. How I see you and how you see me.  We then can open that doorway and express ourselves to love. Love of self, and love of one another. 


As you move into your month of July beginning the second half of your year of 2021, We ask you simply to look at love. Define love for you. See love for your-self. Honor the love for your-self.  And value the love you have for you.    

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