Thursday, July 15, 2021



                                                              OUR LIMITED VIEW

By Phillip Elton Collins

The Angel News Network

We see a universe that may have been created by an impulse, an idea, according to a divine plan, a   purpose, soul plan which is invisible to us because of our dense three- dimensional perception.  A universe fashioned by a Being who we have been taught is infinitely beyond us when in fact that Being lives within us, as we break from our density dimension.

In our often-limited view, which is shifting, how much do we really see of the universe which may be a multi-verse? We see manifestations of effects but the causes are often hidden from our view. We find forces at work in the animate and inanimate worlds but most often cannot discern what sets them in motion, nor determine their true purpose.

As we advance in our technology, deeper details and even organisms are revealed before us and we continue to make a guess at the life force impelling these organisms into being. The force itself often eludes our grasp; “it cannot possibly be in our universe nor within ourselves”, but it is. Spheres revolve, cosmic dust particles coalesce into solar systems, attraction, repulsion, electricity and magnetism, chemical affinity and atomic energy show themselves in the matter of our space, yet the force behind it all is ever invisible for most. It exists in another dimension which we, also as multi-dimensional beings, are awaking into.

We marvel at the advancements of science but many of us know we had much more knowledge within our ancient advanced civilizations of the past. Quatum physics teaches us now. that everything is produced by atoms, propelling molecules into activity from an inside source in a higher space and therefore now moving into our range of perception.

It is time for us to wake up and know we are multi-densional beings able to perceive and accept what was hidden in the past. From Source, the Force from whence we came which is in our hearts waiting to be expressed by our hands.

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