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                                                                BEING A FAMILY

Recent family current events have prompted me to write this.

I have taught for many years and written some twenty books on the subject of us being diversified versions of one another from the same Source. In effect we are each other in disguise.

As a result of the above we connect with one another through our resonance, how we feel, and our discernment, how we think. We have all had very different life experiences, thus how we approach life and reality are different. The task at hand is to love and support one another through the differences without judgment, shame or blaming. In effect having no intention to harm. Love one another is the basis of the Christ teaching and still seems so challenging for many. If the resonance and discernment are not present that’s ok. Just send love…

It is essential in life to know our truth, needs and boundaries in order to be happy in our realtionship with self and others. But we need to know what our truth, needs and boundaries are. Most don’t know for sure.

Recently I felt a need in my own personal processing to address my needs with various family members with no intention of harm but explaining it was coming from a place of love. It is possible others did not understand what or why I was doing this. As a result of this, they may have misunderstood what was happening and conveyed their perspective to others which could indirectly harm others.

I have travelled the world extensively and mastered other languages, as a result of this I have adopted a deep compassion for others. Based upon these experiences below is what I have adopted in my present ‘soul family’ and would love to see more of  in my biological family:

·        Communicate openly and often through your support and love of each other. Respond to all communication received.

·        Trust that love is the foundation of your relationship, no matter what others say or do.

·        Just listening can be the beginning of all needed healing.

·        Share life experiences to assist each other in your growth and expansion

·        Allow abundance to over flow to others.

When creation created tomorrow it gave us another chance to make new choices and decisions. I am affirming our tomorrow and be fresh and new leaving all the old behind.

In Unconditional Love,








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