Saturday, August 27, 2022

Phillip's Intention



Within this month of August when I most recently incarnated into this world, by the free will and choices invested in me by the forces of Creation, I hereby declare and intend as an essential aspect of my eternal soul plan:

As I lose resonance with being in this dense frequency and others also do not resonate fully with me, I declare this will be my last incarnation on the surface of this planet Earth. My lack of resonance in being here is the result in the shift within my vibratory rate and increased consciousness due to my personal processing work and my direct connection with beings of the higher realms.  My not returning to this dimension does not represent my lack of love of having been here and the work that was ask of me in healing myself and assisting others to be and do the same.

Through many lifetimes on this planet, I was repeated asked to serve the higher realms (beginning with Archangel Uriel) as a messenger of their teachings and wisdom to support the ascension progress of humanity. In this lifetime I finally accepted that mission which expanded into serving multiple higher realms beings including ascended master St. Germain and Lemurian high priest Adama, along with others occasionally. Many books later, creating a modern-day mystery school, multiple group channelings, joining various other sacred journeys, maintaining The Angel News Network and Phillip Elton Collins websites I stand before you with the assistance of so many other brothers and sisters.

I was led by Adama to initiate a sacred journey to Mt. Shasta which is the planetary home of Lemuria, my ancient home. The two-journey work done there (with the further guidance of Archangel Michael), with we proxy serving humanity, was to assist humnaity within its ascension process along with the planet herself. 

I am in no way completely healed within myself but I know whatever other aspects of healing can and will be accomplished within a higher frequency. After the completion of this incarnation, approximately two decades from how, I shall return to my Inner Earth Lemurian home.

In Lemuria I declare and intend to work closely with the various Inner Earth councils to further assist humanity and the planet within its destined ascension process.  An aspect of my work I shall actively work with The Galactic Federation in assisting our planet’s connection with other worlds when the surface is ready to do so.

As I finalized my missions within this lifetime, I am staying open to whatever tasks are ask of me. I know that my devoted husband James is a great support in my being who I am. He is a gift from ‘the gods.’ I am thankful for by brother Joel and the past and current work being done to connect current events with universal wisdom, and his support of all my past efforts.  My heart is filled with gratitude for my connections and the support of Jeff and Woody. And all the others that assisted along the way.


Phillip Elton Collins

August 16, 2022








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