Saturday, December 24, 2022



By Phillip Elton Collins



As soon as we can realize

We’re a collection of soul connections,

Then duality and separation

Will be simply sent, away…




From Ascended Master Saint Germain


Dear Beloved Children of the Human Heart,


At this special spiritual time of year for all Humankind let us speak of your heart, a subject you have heard much of throughout your many lifetimes on this Earth. And while this is a time of giving and receiving for many, we shall speak of the Greatest Gift of God: Your Heart.  Are you ready to receive it?  We shall now speak of aspects of your heart you may have never known but the time has come for you to know and apply, if you so choose…


Within the interior of your heart there is a spiritual central chamber surrounded by a powerful God Power field of sacred light and protection. This we call the “cosmic cause”. This chamber is not just of your present dimension/frequency; no current medical doctor can find it. But you can. It occupies both your third dimension and fourth dimensions and beyond (connecting to the higher God Power frequency of its birth). This, what we call the “cosmic cause” central chamber, is also known as the Altar of the Heart (AH). The AH is actually the connecting point of your Sacred Silver Cord (you’ve heard about that) that descends from your God  Power Presence to maintain and sustain your physical beating heart, giving your life meaning, value and purpose: A Divine Soul Plan that integrates with the Earth’s and God’s Divine Soul Plans: Man Power and God Power merging.


We urge all humanity to heed these teachings and to value and treasure this chamber of contact that you have with Life by regularly giving your (Christ) consciousness to it.


Your awareness of this knowledge will create an invincible strength and power to manifest the Sacred Self Mastery/God Power within you.


It is not necessary to focus on the scientific how and why of which we speak. There is little understanding in the human mind of this but you heart already knows. Rest your weary war-torn souls and be content to know that your God Power is ever present within you and you have this point of contact with the Divine at all times, dear ones.  It is a spark of Light from your Creator’s own Heart to you!  That’s how much this God Power-of Creation loves you. For you are truly one and your Essence is Divine filled with Love, Wisdom and Power.


Each time you pay attention to this union within your heart, your Love and Power will grow within you and it will mirror out into your world service. This is who you truly are, this is why you here. Now you know the truth about you. You are God Power!


As your mind (that believes) moves back into full service to your heart (that knows), never lose contact with your Heart again as your Man Power is doctored by your God Power. Then your God Power manifests all the Power of Love and extends and sends it out into the darkness of the world and becomes The Beings of Light/God Power you truly are.


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