Tuesday, December 27, 2022




 Via Archangel Uriel, Planetary Protector

With Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans being human,

The Cosmic energies coming in during the past have not slowed down at present.  This means your emotions, thoughts and bodes are being exposed to ‘cosmic plasma’ and this can generate emotional, mental and physical symptoms. These can range from headaches, fatigue, vivid dreams, detachment from this dimension. Emotional symptoms can range from anxiety to reviewing inner wounded child issues. These symptoms may vibrate in waves throughout the day and night. Rest when needed and remember to stay hydrated fully during the new year.

 It is time to further nurture the Inner Wounded Child by asking him or her what they need and be the adult in giving that to them. This is a vital process in your healing that allows you to release the old and embrace the new.  Healing ‘the self’ is a vital aspect of your being human since ‘self’ is a reflection of All There Is.

 During this final week of the 2022-year cosmic energies continue giving you a strong support for a final release of old and untruths from yourself. The more you release during this final week, the more healing you will continue into the new year. From a spiritual science view, the 2023 energies are already further merging you with us in the higher realms. In effect, this last year week is a powerful vortex of transmuting you into the new you further allowing the activation of your being here (you soul plan).

All of this is a personal process releasing you from yourselves.

This is not only the beginning of a new year but also of a new energetic decade, spanning from 2023 to 2033. See yourselves ascending into higher frequencies of existence. As you further absorb these new energies you will further activate your soul plans bringing your talents and gifts more and more into the world allowing you to better navigate your new reality and become in full service to All There IS.

During 2023 we shall be asking you to begin to put into service and application all the wisdoms you have acquired during our many years of coming to you. You are being asked to step up and be true to your divine essence in a practical and courageous way…

As you end 2022, if you so choose, take the time to review your life journey and see how far you have come. It’s all a school for learning, Dear Ones. No right or wrong, no good or bad. No judgment.

As you are transforming deeply in one way or another, embrace the newness coming your way; new knowledge, new projects, new relationships, maybe even a new location.  Know it or not you are all being transformed in one way or another. Remember change is all there is…

The above personal process will continue in practical ways as you enter this higher decade….

In order to move into 2023 with more grace and ease, remember you are all diversified version of one another from the same source. You actually have energetic connections with everyone and everything you are creating in your life. You are the creator creating it all, all the time.  Knowing this will bring great joy and happiness in your life.

If you so choose, it is time to release the old as a learning tool, and embrace the new 2023 timelines that are being woven into the realm of probabilies and possibilities, interacting with your soul plan, your purpose in being here.

The most essential reminder we can give you again at this time (where we are there is no time) is that YOU ARE THE CREATOR CREATING YOUR REALITY ALL THE TIME. That includes this lifetime and during what you call death.

Focus your emotions, thoughts and affirmations into the highest possible version of yourself you can envision and allow that to be the person you create….










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