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JOEL'S JOURNAL: Conversation with the Two Marys


Jessie and I are leading a book discussion group for the Ascension Handbook by the Two Marys. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and are channeled by Jessie Keener. The following conversation is about  the discussion group and the response of the Marys to it. 

J: We have just had our second book discussion group and Jessie and I are both loving it.

M: Indeed it is a most blessed occurrence that you are gathering together and truly rolling up your sleeves and opening your hearts to the work, but also to each other. That is what makes it such a beneficial process to share and share energies with the material.

Much like we shared energies with these same materials for ourselves as missionaries, as the advocates for the Christ Consciousness, as the ones leading the message. Of course, it’s the processing back and forth and it’s the aha moments as one person shares how it’s going for them or what their insight is or how this resonated out of this particular discussion.

So it is very similar at times to what we experienced when, perhaps, beloved Jesus was teaching and, perhaps, he would speak for even thirty minutes at a time, making a  story as a distinction. And we would have different perspectives, different things that resonated and different aha moments. Then we would debrief as a group around that.

So from a human perspective, we are delighted in the process for all of you. And certainly we are delighting for you, Joel, and for you, Jessie. For this is a crowning glory in your lives, to have to have this most relaxed, open, most loving environment where you can simply be and witness what we promised, which is how the group’s intelligence and coherence would rise and be its own energy field.

J: In many ways the group is leading the discussion.

M: Indeed, and will continue to for you both give permission for that. You foster that. You are being, in a certain way, the sourceless sources.

J: We're doing the discussion in my living room. It looked  serenely beautiful before everyone arrived. 

M: Indeed, and that is a direct mirroring and out-picturing of your heart and your intention, and, we might add, a little help from the 5th dimension.

J: We are not in any way leaving you out of it.  (Laughing). My understanding of Jesus, of course, is through the teachings of the Catholic Church where Jesus is taught as this elevated being who was God on Earth. Now you’re talking about Jesus as a human being in your discussion sessions with you all sharing. It is so beautiful to hear you talk about Jesus in that way. You make him so human which I still have trouble quite getting.

M: Indeed, that is clear to us, beloved Joel. That is perfectly appropriate. You will only fully get it when you are complete with your Ascension. It does not matter that you don’t fully get it. What matters is your resonance with it. That’s what truly matters. So the resonance is the idea, the notion, of a group coming together with a common mission, with a common purpose, and allowing the energy of the group to be its own healing mechanism. 

J: My heart is so filled as you’re talking about this. It’s just a beautiful feeling. I feel all filled up.

M: Indeed, and that is the nature of the work that you are doing. If you were to say the following, “We have the title of the book. We have the sub-title of the book. Now, what is the promise of the book?" The promise of the book is, work this book and you will be all filled up.

This is how you fill yourself, beloved Joel. This is how beloved Jessie is filling herself. It is with these basic spiritual truths and the application of the discipline. And the coming together in the group is powerful and most fulfilling.

J: When I came here last December I was feeling sort of empty and alone, unsure how I would be filling my time and little idea of how things might unfold. Wonderful things have been going on. Many spiritual sources have been talking about the great changes underway for mankind, the high vibration energies coming in, calling it a new era, etc. I have had a relationship with loneliness for so long. I’ve become aware recently that I’m not so lonely. I’m feeling more filled up. I’m feeling more content with just being with myself, being more grateful for my private time. Just being. I’m so aware of the evolution that quietly seems to be unfolding.

M: Indeed. It is as if you had loneliness as your private little lover. And now you have decided, but wait. There is so much more than this private little lover of mine. In fact, I have outgrown this love relationship with this little loneliness notion. So you have traded it in, so to speak, for a much larger lover. Yourself.

J: That’s a journey that so many of us are on, isn’t it?

M: It is. It is your journey in this modern age that you live in. It is the Western man and Western woman’s journey. For that culture has aberrated the true self completely.

J: Mother Theresa once observed that the United States was the richest country in the world with the loneliest people in the world.

M: Indeed, and that is why it is so glorious for us to see the discussion group as it is and the attention that different students are placing in that group around the notion of the private self. And that people are really grappling with that. They’re getting excited about that, and they’re seeing the truth about that for themselves.

This is the game I have been playing, that loneliness and having loneliness be so familiar. That is my private self. That’s who sponsors loneliness. It’s the private self. For when we have expanded into the larger self there can be no loneliness. You are, as you said, filled up.

J: The teaching that our private self does not belong to us is such an arresting teaching. It hits everyone right between the eyes, You can see it affecting everyone in the group, The idea that the private self does not belong to you. It belongs to the collective. That truth makes all the difference. 

M: Indeed. And from that distinction which we gave in the beginning of the book, you can start to see how it opens up a vast new frontier of being possibilities. And we use those two words correctly, being possibilities. New possibilities in being.

Wow, if I don’t belong to me, then who am I? What am I? What do I belong to? And then the spiritual test has arrived. Do I choose to belong to God/me/God/me ad infinitum or do I choose to revert back into belonging to this tiny, limited self?

J: In a way it is the ultimate example of lack and limitation.

M: Indeed, and in your culture one just continues to play the one up, one down game, the jockeying for position. It is so completely old and used up.

J: It sort of gives meaning to that line from Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death.”

M: Indeed, because they cannot see truth. They cannot recognize truth. Literally their eyes and their vision have become congruent to their beliefs where their eyes no longer even see what’s real and actual because of the filters.

J: So we’re stuck with the private self.

M: Indeed, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

J: The banquet is really the community around us.

M: Indeed, the vast richness of options, choices, perspectives, different contexts to hold that content in.

J: What you have just said is so obvious, yet making the leap to understand that fundamental truth has been such a challenge for us.

M: It requires a rigor, a certain inner tension.

J: It’s also good having the Mary’s in the room. (Laughing).

M: It requires a lot of love does it not? Indeed. And as we continue to say, a lot of humor for the laughter, of course, relaxes the brain and the body. And, as we said earlier to you, then the imagination can go to work and you can start to actualize truth.

J: Humor is one of the nice qualities in our group. There s a lot of laughter and relaxed conversation, interaction.

M: Indeed, most glorious.

J: Are you enjoying watching it?

M: Indeed, for we are watching from a very interesting vantage point and we are watching the increase of the energy field of each individual. We are watching the energy fields connecting and sharing on other dimensions. You are creating a very interesting multi-dimensional force field as a group.

J: The group will be happy to hear this.  I’ve started a blog. I’m sharing messages from the book, The Ascension Handbook, our conversations, Life Mastery and the Gabriel book.

M: Indeed. As we assured you, beloved Joel, to create this blogging energy is a natural extension of who you are and why you’re here. And it certainly will create more interest in the various bodies of work which are  most appropriate for your time. So it is our goal to support you and this channel in being, as she says, broadcast units for this material. Broadcasting the truth and putting it out there and seeing who resonates, how does it resonate, what does it attract and what becomes possible out of these broadcasts.

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